How To Find Your Power Sigil

Before finding it, let’s talk about what a power sigil actually is and what it’s commonly used for. 

Basically, a power sigil is a symbol that is unique and personal to you and embodies your personal power. Power sigils can also be created for specific outcomes or intentions but in the interest of your personal power sigil, this one will represent your magical identity as a whole.

Once you have one, you can use it in the following ways:

  • As a magical signature: Your power sigil can serve as a magical signature to represent yourself or your spirit in spells and rituals. 
  • Spell binding and enhancement: You can mark spell jars or written spells with your power sigil to bind yourself to the magic you’re working with and amplify your connection and intention. 
  • Candle magic: Carving your power sigil into a candle when doing candle magic allows you to infuse the candle with your intentions and release the energy as it burns. It helps with focus, too!

So, how do you find your power sigil? There are a bunch of ways to find it, but one of our favourite ways is through meditation. Have a read through the following visual meditation then give it a try! 

Get into a comfortable position and take some time to centre and ground yourself. When you feel relaxed and at one with the earth, take three deep breaths. 

Imagine yourself in a beautiful, peaceful landscape. It might be a forest or a meadow, wherever you go will be unique to you – but it will be quiet and serene. You feel safe and calm. You can feel the ground beneath your feet and the fresh air that fills your lungs is revitalising. 

As you look around you notice a small hill in the distance. It is illuminated by a different light than the rest of the landscape, as if a small sun is rising behind it. As you move closer, you realise that the light of the small sun is actually the glow of a magical symbol. Move forward and let the symbol reveal itself to you. 

It may appear as a shape, a combination of lines and curves, or even a single character. Trust your intuition and embrace the symbol that presents itself to you as your power sigil.

When you feel ready, walk through your sigil and allow it to merge with your body. Absorb its energy and feel it resonate within you, becoming part of your energetic signature. 

As you come out the other side, you feel yourself come back into your physical body. When it feels organic, grab a pen and paper and draw your power sigil.

One of my favourite ways to use my power sigil is for home protection – if I don’t have time to do a more elaborate ritual to cleanse and protect my space, I’ll light an incense stick and go through the house, drawing my power sigil in corners and doorways.

Happy sigil hunting!

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.