Harmony Tarot Spread: Balancing the Ego and Soul

To use this spread, shuffle your Tarot cards while contemplating the intention of understanding and differentiating between your soul and ego. Then, draw one card for each position and interpret their meanings in the context of your inner journey.

You can use this spread to gain clarity on your inner dynamics and motivations, for self-awareness, clarity in decision making, reducing conflict and improved relationships, overall wellbeing, and to gain balance and harmony through spiritual awareness.

Card 1: Ego’s Influence

Draw this card to understand how your ego currently influences your thoughts and actions. What aspects of your life are ego-driven?

Card 2: Soul’s Desires

This card represents the deepest desires and aspirations of your soul. What does your soul truly long for on a spiritual level?

Card 3: Obstacles from Ego

Draw this card to identify any obstacles or challenges created by your ego that may hinder your spiritual growth and alignment with your soul.

Card 4: Soul’s Guidance

This card provides guidance from your soul’s perspective. What wisdom or guidance does your soul offer to help you overcome ego-based challenges?

Card 5: Finding Balance

This card offers insight into how you can strike a balance between your ego and soul. What adjustments or practices can help align your ego with your soul’s purpose?

When reading tarot or oracle cards, remember: trust your intuition, pay attention to the imagery and how it makes you feel, and respect your initial thoughts and feelings (even if they’re not ‘traditionally’ associated with the card you’re reading).

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.