The Emperor demonstrates authority, stability, and control. This card is all about order, structure, and leadership.  He’s the embodiment of governance, and brings qualities like strength, stability, and discipline. The Emperor

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Marigolds are associated with the Sun, and symbolise love, abundance, warmth, and joy.

Aquamarine, with its sea-inspired hue, is like a soothing breeze for your soul.

In a witch’s apothecary, the pumpkin is loved for its enchanting properties, folklore, and versatility in magical practices.

In witchcraft, the feminine gardenia enhances love, peace, and harmony.

Moonstone has always been a symbol of femininity, intuition, and protection.

Juniper, a fragrant evergreen shrub, has deep roots from various regions including Europe, Asia, and North America.

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Dear Medusa, Is it normal to have doubts about becoming a parent? How do I know if having a child is the right decision? Medusa: Hiss! The very word makes me shiver

Dear Medusa: My partner and I have been arguing a lot lately.

Dear Medusa, I've just moved to Melbourne from Sydney, and I don't really have any friends yet.