Mouths of Medusa: Cheating Partner

Dear Medusa

I recently found out that my partner has been cheating on me. I’m destroyed by this. I love them so much, but what should I do? Is it wrong to stay? Do I leave?

Medusa: I can see in the gardens of your heart, blooms a flower betrayed. Its petals, once lustrous, now ground into the dirt and stones. Their glorious shine dimmed by shadows. The symphony of love you once shared is now caught in a tempest’s grasp, consumed by infidelity’s swirling vortex.

You are in pain.

Let this pain be your compass, leading you to a path of healing. Seek solace in the sanctuary of self-reflection, where the moon will hold you in her soft, creamy light.

But heed me! Confront your beloved with stoic grace. Allowing their reasons to no doubt unfurl in enigma and riddles. Give space for the seeds of forgiveness to sprout, if indeed they can grow through this rocky, poisoned soil.

But remember, above all, to treasure yourself. For you are a comet, journeying through galaxies, a celestial spectacle all your own. Honour your worth. Nurture your lightning. You are starlight and fire. You are glory and awe. You are more than what this act makes you feel, and worth more than this hand now dealt.

You have both the courage and choice to stay, or leave. Listen to the echoes of your heart’s voice. Let the lessons of betrayal shape you as a phoenix reborn. 

For your destiny lies not in this frothy ripple of deceit, but in the vast expanse where the stars twinkle and sway. 

And whoever you decide to take there is lucky indeed.