Mouths of Medusa: Always Arguing

Dear Medusa,

My partner and I have been arguing a lot lately. How do we improve our communication, or even resolve things in a healthier way?

Medusa: The energy of two souls can clash like thunder. But often, beneath the lightning and flame, are dormant seeds of misunderstanding.

It’s only in the depths of awareness true wisdom sprouts. This is when the language of both your souls – and not their thunder  – must twine like vines, seeking the warmth of the sun.

Speak not with tongues, but with compassion. Listen not with ears, but with empathy. Temper your fires, with the cool waters of reason. 

Embrace your shared vulnerability, and see its strength. Do not interject with defence or promises – simply make space for each other’s vines to grow with conversation.

Conflict is a catalyst for growth. It can be a stepping stone towards greater connection. There is no doubt your shared battles are a reflection of your shared love, but perhaps love’s definition has changed. Connection doesn’t always mean unity. If one vine prefers to grow in different conditions, you cannot control this.

But you can control your tenderness, child, and the space you make for it. 

And you can create the conditions that suit your vine, and the wisdom that grows from it.