Mouths of Medusa: Lonely in Melbourne

Dear Medusa

I’ve just moved to Melbourne from Sydney, and I don’t really have any friends yet. There’s a few people at my new job who are nice, but I’m just cramping their after-work style. They all seem to know each other outside of work too. How can I meet new people down here?

Medusa: In the vast expanse of a new city, one may feel adrift, a solitary star in an unknown sky. 

Your new comrades may jest, dance, and revel in one another’s company like fireflies. But behind their bonds of circumstance will no doubt be space for you, and your wings. 

Why not show your spirit, and candour? Tell them you too, would like to dance, and jest, and revel as they do. Humans are usually gentle and generous with their company. They won’t want you to flounder in solitude. 

Authenticity shall now be your guiding star. So be you. Embrace your eccentricities. Seek those who make you laugh. The peculiar ones. The kind ones. Embrace unexpected encounters – when you surrender to chance, the truest connections are born. 

Melbourne is a city teeming with souls lost and found, and is now all the better for your glorious presence. They will find you soon enough.