Pisces Meditation: Face Your Fears

Okay, so hear me out!

A ‘face your fears’ meditation my not sound too fun, but it’s not as scary as you think! This isn’t about diving head first into your phobias. Rather, it’s about facing whatever’s holding you back.

Pisces energy (whether it’s a new moon, full moon, or Pisces season) is a really good time to address anything that’s been holding you back.

Why? Pisces is the empath of the zodiac sign. With soft edges and limitless compassion, there’s no better cosmic ally to hold your hand through this process.

Ruled by Neptune – the planet of dreams, imagination, and the unconscious – Pisces energy is often linked with breaking down boundaries, healing, and connecting with the spiritual or unseen aspects of life. It encourages diving deep into inner worlds, confronting our fears, and embracing our dreams and creativity. That sounds pretty good!

This meditation is aimed at addressing any fear or resistance holding you back from success. We all have them in some way, and Pisces can help with that.

Common Fears

Fear of Failure This one is probably the most common. It’s the idea that you might not succeed, so you end up not even trying.
Fear of Success This is a ‘what next?’ resistance. It’s when you fear the expectations and responsibilities that follow achieving your goal.
Fear of Rejection The idea you could be criticised or rejected, especially in a public forum, can stop you from attempting your dreams.
Fear of Change This is when you feel intimidated by the idea of the disruptions that come with pursuing new opportunities.
Fear of Uncertainty The fear of not knowing what the future holds. This fear leads to never growing or having new experiences.
Fear of Judgement The concern of what others will think or say of you. It can prevent self-expression, or going after what you really want.
Fear of Disappointment The idea you won’t live up to expectations (yours or others) which can leave you reluctant to try challenging tasks.
Fear of Inadequacy Stemming from low self-esteem, you feel not good enough or capable enough. It can hinder your personal or professional growth.
Fear of Losing Control The fear of losing control over a situation/outcome. This stops you from taking risks or delegating tasks, even when it’s beneficial to do so.
Fear of Burnout This one is very real for those who’ve experienced burnout. You can become overly cautious about bigger goals, or be overly conservative with your energy.

The Meditation

In a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, light some lavender incense (or diffuse some oil) and get yourself into a comfortable position. Grab a pillow or blanket, whatever you need to get yourself relaxed. 

Take a moment to feel where your body meets the surface beneath you. Bring your attention to all the areas that touch, take several deep breaths, and let all the tension release from your body. When you feel ready, imagine roots coming out from your body, and digging deep into the earth, wrapping themselves around the warm core of our planet. 

Feel the warm, abundant energy of Mother Earth coursing through the roots, up to your body and through your energy field.

Feel her energy mixing with yours, filling all the places in your body where your energy feels depleted.

When you feel safe and supported, take a few more mindful, deep breaths. In your mind’s eye, allow yourself to be transported to a large body of calm water underneath a serene, starry night sky. 

You are floating in the water, and it’s the perfect temperature. The water is calm and still, mirroring the night sky and all the glistening stars. It looks like you’re swimming in the stars. You feel safe and you’re completely at peace.

You let yourself float in this sea of stars and water, as calming Pisces energy washes over you. Take as long as you want to, relaxing into this state. When you feel ready, bring your focus to a cluster of stars above you. 

As you stare into this cluster, you notice the stars begin to move. They are forming a large, bright shape. As the shape transforms, you realise that you know this shape. It evokes a feeling in you – a feeling of pride, joy, and accomplishment. 

The stars form a symbol of your success, of what it looks and feels like when you work hard, take risks, and get rewarded. You’ve felt this feeling before. Your mind goes back to that moment and you’re reminded of how wonderful it feels to achieve your goals. 

As you relive this accomplishment, ask yourself these questions:

What risks did you take to achieve it?

How far did you step outside of your comfort zone?

Really think about what it took to get you to the end and how you overcame things that threatened your progress. 

As you bask in the glow of your achievements, guided by the light of the stars above, allow yourself a moment of introspection. Gently, with kindness towards yourself, begin to ponder on what currently stands between you and your next great achievement. What fears or doubts are holding you back?

As these thoughts surface, you notice a cloud beginning to drift across the night sky, obscuring the luminous display of your success. The stars – your symbol of triumph – are momentarily hidden from view, mirroring the shadow your fears cast on your path forward.

In this moment of darkness, with the comforting support of the earth’s energy still flowing through you, courageously confront these fears. Ask yourself: What specific obstacle or fear is holding me back right now? Acknowledge it, give it space, but do not let it take root. Remember, you are still floating in a sea of potential, supported by the universe and your own inner strength.

Now think back on the resilience and determination that propelled you through challenges before.

How did you navigate those hurdles? What strengths did you draw upon?

As you reflect on these questions, imagine yourself addressing and overcoming your current obstacle with the same courage and perseverance. Envision this process clearing the cloud from your stars, bit by bit, until once again the sky above you is clear, and your constellation of success shines brightly once more.

Know this clear sky is the limitless potential within you. The journey of facing your fears and stepping outside your comfort zone is not always easy, but it is profoundly rewarding. Each time you confront what holds you back, you not only clear the way to your goals but also affirm your belief in yourself. The power of self-belief, coupled with the courage to step into the unknown and face your fears, is transformative. It’s through these acts of bravery that you discover your true capabilities and unlock the full extent of your potential.

As you slowly bring your awareness back to the present, carrying with you the energy of the stars and the earth, remember this:

The universe is vast, and your potential within it is infinite. Believing in yourself, stepping beyond your comfort zone, and facing your fears with an open heart is the key to unlocking that potential. Each step forward, no matter how small, is a victory in the journey of becoming your most authentic and powerful self.

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.