Gardenia is a small green shrub native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Islands. Its white or yellow flowers are famed for their fragrance, and commonly used in perfumes and oil blends. They’re also used in traditional medicine for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

In witchcraft, gardenias enhance love, peace, and harmony. The flower is an ‘attractor’ – it’s actually most potent at night, when it releases its scent to attract pollinating insects (jasmine also does this). The same concept can be applied to your spell work! It’s ideal for attracting love, health, or spiritual guidance. 

Gardenia is a powerhouse when strengthening your psychic abilities, as it opens up spiritual channels and intuition. Burning gardenia incense or adding the flowers to your bath or shower also helps to remove energetic blockages, and brings a sense of peace. It’s a feminine lunar energy.

Because gardenia’s ruled by the Moon, it does do its best magic at night! Use it to aid astral projection or travel, or your dreamwork. With the Full Moon in particular, gardenia can bring illumination or purity. It shows us compassion and empathy, and its water energy brings emotional support when used in lunar rituals.

Gardenia is a soft but potent plant ally. Its gentle energy is quite forgiving, and it’s wonderful to use alongside other ingredients or allies that might pack more punch.