Mouths of Medusa: Body Image

Dear Medusa

I really hate the way I look right now. I’ve put on weight, and it’s a constant battle every day to just appreciate what I have. I’m the biggest one out of all my family, and they make comments. Sometimes I just look at myself in a window and cry. I want to love my body, but I just don’t.

Medusa: Tending one’s tresses can be fraught and lonely, as I can well attest. But beauty does not only lie in shining locks. Our wonderful hair and noses are as unique to us as a wave is when it reaches the sand. It’s your ancient skin, your crawling passion, your rage and courage, and dial of ambition that makes you a marvel, child. What a marvel you are, to have all this wildness swirling inside a soft and gentle belly. What a useless world we have, when this universe within you is reduced to pants and dresses. One day, they will see this universe, and yes, they may fear it still. People do. But it will be yours to own and wield, to share with those deemed worthy, and they will be in awe of you. So prepare for that day, child – take small steps, and achieve small trophies. Because today will pass quickly, and with it your sorrow, and then you’ll see yourself as I do. This, I promise.

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