5 Ways to Connect with The Morrigan

Who is The Morrigan?

The Morrigan is the Irish goddess of death, battle, and victory. She is an extremely powerful goddess, known for her skills in battle and shapeshifting. She is sometimes referred to as the Great Queen or the Phantom Queen, and Cuchulain’s Bane (she killed the mighty warrior Cuchulain, for spurning her offers).

This is a complex, powerful deity, with an ambiguous triple goddess mythology. One of her aspects is thought to be Macha, the sovereign ruler; then there’s Nemain, the battle fury; and finally Badb, the scald-crow of battle. Although The Morrigan can shape-shift into various forms, it’s usually a crow or raven (groups of three crows or ravens is considered a sign she’s nearby). She’d appear on the battlefield to foretell death and inspire warriors – The Morrigan has great pleasure in mustering armies and going into battle!

But despite her associations with war and death, The Morrigan is also a symbol of strength and resilience. She’s a ferocious guardian goddess, and a massive protector of her land and people.

She’s a primary protector of women everywhere.

Working with The Morrigan

The Morrigan can help you step into your power and attract success, money, and necessary changes to your life. Her energy is fierce and working with her demands focus and commitment; but when she chooses you, you will see results.

5 Ways To Connect With The Morrigan

1. Crow magic – ask The Morrigan for a sign and she’ll often send a crow or a crow feather (or three!). Use the feather in ritual work, or leave an offering for the crows.

2. Transformative or shapeshifting witchcraft – even a meditation focusing on shapeshifting will honour and invoke her.

3. Own yourself. Reclaiming what has always been yours – your identity, your power, your magic – embodies her and puts you right in her line of sight. She will respect and bless that.

4. Integrity. Follow through on your words. Complete your goals, succeed where you vowed you would succeed. These are all the traits of a true acolyte of The Morrigan.

5. Draw a triskele or triquetra on your body in her name. You can do this with an oil roller, your makeup before you blend it in, or a marker.

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.