How to Clear Your Throat Chakra

What is the Throat Chakra?

The fifth chakra, the throat chakra, is located in the throat (didn’t see that coming, did you?). This is your communication centre, the place where information and truth come in and out. It also manages your listening skills!

How do I know if my Throat Chakra is blocked?

You can tell your throat chakra is blocked when you’re unable to speak your truth, and when your ability to listen feels lacking. It can also become blocked when you speak truth without empathy. 

Here are 5 simple ways to clear your Throat Chakra:

  1. A head and neck massage will clear this chakra. And it’s extremely satisfying!
  2. Evaluate your honesty. Seriously, even those of us who are sure we have a pure heart and good intentions are unknowingly practising things such as masking or people-pleasing. Allow yourself to pause before you speak, and speak truthfully.
  3. Say it with me: eh. This is the sound of the Throat Chakra. By repeating this sound it becomes a mantra that tunes and cleanses the resonating chakra.
  4. Visualise a bright blue disc where your Throat Chakra is, spinning in a clockwise direction.
  5. Hold some lapis lazuli in your hands and position them over your Throat Chakra. Breathe deeply and feel the energy of the crystal as it connects to you.

Leela is the founder of High Priestess, a third-generation psychic, and a life-long student of goddesses and female divinity.