Hag Stones

Have you ever found a hag stone? There’s a certain delight that comes with finding a stone with a hole in it and peering through it, like a spy, to the world on the other side.

These stones are called ‘hag stones’ and are believed to have magical properties. Traditionally they were used to ward OFF witches (Ha! As if!) but more importantly, they were used by ACTUAL witches for charms, ritual and protection from their enemies.

Just like the water that formed it, only the good can pass through a hag stone – good fortune fits, whilst misfortune and bad luck can’t, and they get stuck in the hole. So ironically, paranoid Christians would use them to keep witches at bay, whilst actual witches used these stones to encourage good fortune and prosperity to themselves and folk around it. ‍

Hang one above your door to keep evil spirits out! Attach one to your bedhead to keep bad dreams at bay! Tie one to your keys to stop you losing them! British folklore also tells us you can see the Otherworld through its hole.

If you come across a hag stone, that means it’s found YOU. You don’t find THEM. So – only ever take one at a time, and only for yourself. They only work for the person they found!