5 Ways to Connect with Brigid

Who is Brigid?

Brigid is the Irish Celtic goddess of Spring.

Known as the goddess of fire, poetry, healing, and smithcraft, Brigid brings creativity, and protection. She’s the triple goddess of Ireland, with maiden, mother and crone forms. That said, some of her myth depicts her as one of three sisters, all named Brigid! She’s a member of the Tuatha De Danann, the children of Danu. Born from the world’s first dawn, Brigid’s also know as the Exalted One, and the Fiery Arrow. Her father is the great god, the Dagda, who governs magic, druidry and wisdom (among many other things).

Her big festival is Imbolc, named for ‘in the belly’ in Irish. This season marks the beginning of Spring and the return of light, when the Cailleach finishes her Winter rule. At Imbolc, Brigid walks acorss the land, laying down her green cloak and bringing warmth, healing, and new life to the land again. She blesses houses and children as she walks, leaves trails of snowdrops bursting through the thawing snow, and helps the rivers to run thick with salmon again.

Her magic is of transformation, healing, and renewal, and her presence can be felt in times of growth, change, and emotional healing. She’s a powerful ally and teacher, reminding us of our inner strength and empowering us to reach our highest potential.

Working with Brigid

Brigid can help you with fertility and any healing involving motherhood, birth and pregnancy. She can also help you to attract passion, positivity, fun, love and laughter to your life.

5 Ways to Connect With Brigid

1. Brigid is considered a liminal being, meaning she can cross realms with ease. Because of this, threshold magick is a great way to connect with her and call her protective energy into your home. Think doorways, windows, hearths, chimneys and entry paths as possible spell locations.

2. Leave her offerings of blackberries, honey, or beer. Alternatively, if you prepare any food with these ingredients, do it in her name. You can also write her a poem, or draw her something. (She loves the creative process more than the final result, so don’t get too hung up on whether you think it’s any good! Brigid will always love it, because you made it).

3. Brigid’s just as much associated with the element of water as she is with fire. She’s also well-known healer. Dedicate some moon or river water to her, and use this in your protection spells or charms for health.

4. Craft a Brigid Cross to hang above your home’s front doorway. Traditionally made with reeds or grass, this symbol is far older than its supposed Christian origins. As a charm, it tells Brigid to bless your home with health and prosperity.

5. Imbolc! Have a bonfire, do some candle magick, or create a unique piece of art in her honour, when the Winter frost begins to thaw and Spring is in the air again.