How to Clear Your Third Eye Chakra

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

The sixth chakra, the third eye chakra, is located between the eyebrows. This is where you see all – the intangible, the connection between things and people. This is where you see the truth, it is the home of your inner wisdom.

How do I know if my Third Eye Chakra is blocked?

You can tell your third eye chakra is blocked when you struggle to trust your inner voice, can’t access your intuition or when you’re disconnected from your spirituality. It can also become blocked when you spend too much time in the spiritual realm.

Here are 5 simple ways to clear your Third Eye Chakra:

  1. Tai Chi is a great exercise as it asks you to exercise your body and your mind.
  2. Try listening to something spiritual, anything from music to a sermon. Even if it’s not what you’re used to. Actually, especially if it’s not what you’re used to.
  3. Say it with me: ih. This is the sound of the Third Eye Chakra. By repeating this sound it becomes a mantra that tunes and cleanses the resonating chakra.
  4. Visualise a bright indigo disc where your Third Eye Chakra is, spinning in an anti-clockwise direction.
  5. Hold some tourmaline in your hands and position them over your Third Eye Chakra. Breathe deeply and feel the energy of the crystal as it connects to you.

Leela is the founder of High Priestess, a third-generation psychic, and a life-long student of goddesses and female divinity.