Goddess Brizo

Greek goddess Brizo is all about the sea and the moon, and she’s got this uncanny power to cast dreams into our minds, which is like having a personal psychic hotline while you sleep! She’s also the ultimate protector of mariners, making sure they sail the seas safely and smoothly.

Her backstory is a bit shrouded in mystery, but what we know is that she is attuned to those who care for the sea and fish ethically.  In Delos, women would make offerings to her on a small boat and send them out to sea. It’s like a little message in a bottle, but with offerings instead of notes. However, she would become enraged if fish were sent as offerings – likely because she was a protector of the sea and its inhabitants.

Brizo is all about the dreamworld. If you’re seeking some deep insights or prophetic messages, she’s the go-to goddess. So, before you hit the hay, try reciting a special incantation dedicated to her. It’s like sending a cosmic email to the goddess of dreams, hoping for a reply in your slumber. Who knows, you might wake up with some mind-blowing revelations! Leave her an offering too, just make sure it’s not fish.

So, if you’re planning on travelling the seas or find that you need some dreamy guidance, Brizo’s got your back. She’s that enigmatic goddess who can whisper messages of wisdom through your dreams and protect you while you cross her waters.

Jenna is a pagan and lifelong student of history. She's the potion expert at High Priestess, and also designs tarot decks, oracle decks, and powerful ritual oils.