Magic on the Go: Witchy Apps You Have to Try

What a wonderful time to be a witch – we have magic quite literally at our fingertips. In the digital age, where smartphones are an extension of our lives, a world of mystical knowledge and spiritual guidance is only a download away. Here are some of our faves!


For all your tarot needs, look no further than Labyrinthos. This app is free and available on both Android and iPhone. Labyrinthos offers a suite of tarot and oracle card apps designed for both beginners and experienced readers. It includes apps like “Golden Thread Tarot” and “Labyrinthos Academy,” which provides tarot lessons. The apps offer interpretations, card meanings, and various spreads for tarot readings.

Labyrinthos’ tarot app can assist in divination and self-reflection. Tarot cards are often used for guidance, spellwork, and gaining insight into personal and spiritual matters.


Into moon magic? Moonly is a free app (with in-app purchases available) for both Android and iPhone. It is a moon phase and lunar astrology app that provides information on the current moon phase, zodiac sign, and lunar aspects. With Moonly, you can track the moon’s movements and receive notifications about significant lunar events.

Moonly can help you align your magical practices with lunar phases, facilitating more effective spellwork, rituals, and intentions.


TimePassages is a comprehensive astrology app that generates detailed birth charts, offers daily horoscopes, and provides astrological insights. It covers both Western and Vedic astrology, and is available on iPhone and Android for free (with in-app purchases available).

Astrology is essential tool in witchcraft, helping us to understand planetary influences, timing, and personal attributes. TimePassages assists in harnessing that astrological wisdom.

The Pattern

This is a free app for Android and iPhone that comes with optional premium features. The Pattern is a personality and relationship app that combines astrology and numerology to provide insights into personality traits, behavior patterns, and relationship dynamics. It offers daily insights and compatibility reports.

The Pattern can help you gain self-awareness and insight into your own traits and behaviors, allowing you to align your magical work with personal growth.

365 gratitude

Gratitude is the key to abundance, and 365 Gratitude is a great way to get started on your gratitude journey. It’s basically journal app that encourages users to cultivate a daily gratitude practice. It allows you to record and reflect on the things you’re grateful for and provides prompts to inspire positive thinking.

Gratitude is a fundamental aspect of witchcraft. This app can help you maintain a positive mindset, improve mental well-being, and enhance your magical work by focusing on gratitude and positive energy.

These apps offer a variety of tools and resources to support you on your witchcraft journey. Whether it’s tarot readings, moon phase tracking, astrology insights, self-awareness, or gratitude cultivation, these apps can enhance your connection with the mystical and spiritual aspects of your craft – and be tucked easily into your pocket.