A Spell for Happiness

Master the balance between light and dark with a happiness spell.

Spells for happiness may seem pretty ‘basic’ but they’re actually quite powerful. Happiness spells enable joy, contentment, and inner peace. Not only that, they help us to promote positivity and gratitude back out into the world.

Happiness (as a magical intention) is also a form of protection. It wards off negative influences and strengthens our spiritual growth as witches. This is because when we set intentions around happiness and take the steps to promote it, it’s usually not long before we find our own spirits uplifted, and our outlook changed. 

And when our outlook changes? That’s when magic happens!

About the spell

This spell aims to bring more happiness and positivity to your life. If you’re feeling ‘heavy’, unhappy, or ready for a bit more pep in your step, then this is the spell for you.

During this spell, you’ll imbue a charm with your intention. To ‘imbue’ something means to focus your energy into an item, and fill it with a particular quality, feeling, or idea. You can then carry the charm with you, and draw on its power. This spell also mentions deities, but you can always leave this part out if you’d prefer.

And remember – spells don’t have to be perfect! If you mess up a line or forget a part, it’s really not a big deal. What matters is the intention behind it, and the action you take once the spell is cast.

You’ll need:

  • Some indoor-friendly seeds (these can be anything from flower seeds to herbs to grass seeds. But make it something that’s okay to grow indoors)
  • A small pot and some soil/potting mix
  • An item to represent air (such as a feather, incense, a fan, even a whistle or harmonica)
  • An item to represent water (this could be small bowl of water, a seashell, an image of your preferred water deity or animal etc)
  • An item to represent earth (think of things that come from the earth, like a crystal, salt, a cool rock, or fruit from a tree)
  • An item to represent fire (the obvious is a candle, but you can also use spicy spices like chilli or pepper, or battery-powered candles)
  • Something that makes a vibrating sound (like a bell, gong, drum, chimes). If you don’t have these, you can simply clap! 
  • A charm, like a pendant, bracelet, or other small wearable item that means something to you

1. Getting Started

Set up all your components either inside or outside, or at your altar.

Place your elemental (air, water, fire and earth) items in front of you. Light the candle or sprinkle your spices. If you have water or salt, sprinkle them in a circle around you and your items. 

If you like, you can say the following:

“Like the fish dance in the seas and rivers, and the animals leap in the evergreen forests, today I have joy.

By divine will, I consecrate this space and dedicate it to my intent – to open myself to happiness and joy in all its forms. I embrace the present moment in all its perfect imperfection.”

2. Raising Energy

Clap your hands, ring the bell, hit the gong (or bang the drum, chime the chimes) to raise the energy around you.

Do this over and over.

As the tones ring out, allow yourself to become aware of the joy all around you – the deep song of the universe. Notice how it radiates from the sky and earth, surrounding you and moving through you. If you like, you can close your eyes for a moment and draw on this energy. Feel your body filling up with joy.

This is the energy your charm will be imbued with.

3. Imbue Your Charm

Hold your charm, and say the following:

“(Deity name/Universe), grant me your vision to see my path clearly. To see where happiness lies, and give me the courage to follow my plans.

Lend me your ageless wisdom, optimism and vitality. Help me to see the wonders around me and rejoice in them. Bestow upon me your resilience and calm.

As I wear this (charm), let it remind me of my path, flexible and fluid as I work towards happiness.”

Put on your charm, and feel it radiate positive energy on your skin.

5. Close Your Spell

To end, conduct a ceremonial planting as an offering.

Place your hands on the soil and visualise that flow of energy grounding you.

Plant the seeds/seedling and say the following blessing:

“Like these seeds, my heart too needs to be shared in order to grow.

As I scatter these seeds, I plant in myself the seeds of happiness.

As I tend these plants and watch them grow, so too will my capacity for happiness and joy grow. I offer this growing life as my tribute.

Close your circle and give your little plant/seeds their first drink of water (and don’t forget to look after your offering, so make sure it gets enough light and water as it starts to grow beside your own happiness).

Polly is a practicing witch who primarily works with Persephone, Brigid and the Cailleach. She's the High Priestess expert on seasonal Australian practice and archetypal symbolism, and is a teacher at Witch School.