A Winter Solstice Spell

As winter wraps its chilly arms around the southern hemisphere, we find ourselves in a magical time of year. The Winter Solstice, or Yule, marks our longest night and the rebirth of the sun. It’s a moment of hope, renewal, and is a perfect time to set intentions for the solar new year. One way to do this is with a Wishing Tree spell, so today we’re going to help you learn how to perform one! This spell nurtures your hopes and dreams for the solar new year and infuses them with the magic of the season. 

In the southern hemisphere, the Winter Solstice falls on June 21st & 22nd – when the days are shorter, nights are longer, and this half of the world is colder. This time symbolises the return of the light, as the days gradually start to lengthen. For those who came before us, it was a period of holding on to hope, and a reminder of the necessary cycles of life. Today, we can celebrate this turn of the wheel by practising self-reflection and contemplating our desires for the year ahead. 

The Wishing Tree

To perform this spell, you’ll need to gather a few simple items and spend a moment in nature:

  • A small, fallen branch
  • Small pieces of paper
  • Pieces of string or ribbon
  • Charms or small tokens that align with your intentions

Collect your branch

Rug up and take a walk in a nearby park, forest, or even your garden. As you walk, scan the ground for fallen branches. If you’re really lucky, you’ll find an evergreen branch just waiting for you, but if not, you will know the right one when you see it. Some of us like to use ones with multiple, smaller branches stemming from it, some of us love the plain, Yule log style of branches. Whatever you find, you’ll know which one is right for you. As you pick it up and take it home, remember to thank the earth, the tree, or the universe for providing it for you (again, whichever of these feels right to you!).

Write down your wishes

When you get home, take some time to reflect on the last 12 months and what you’d like to wish for during the next 12 months. On your small pieces of paper, write down your intentions and wishes – remember to be clear, specific, and keep your focus to this wish as you write it down. If you want to, include a sigil or symbol on the paper. When you’re done, fold the piece of paper toward you to symbolise bringing this wish to you.

Tie your wishes to the branch

Using the string, tie each piece of paper to the branch. As you do this, visualise each one of your wishes taking root and growing strong. If you have charms or tokens that go with your wish, tie them to the same piece of string. You can have the wishes on paper dangling, like leaves, or you can tie them directly to the branch – this is a totally intuitive process that will come to you at the time, so let it.

Place your wishing tree

Find a special place in your home or on your altar to keep your Wishing Tree. Remember, if it feels right, that’s where it belongs! Once it’s in place, it becomes a living symbol of your hopes and dreams, a place where your intentions are nurtured and honoured. You can meditate with it, light candles or incense around it, sit some aligned crystals around the base of it, or simply spend a few moments each day connecting with its energy. 

Leave your Wishing Tree up until next winter.


As the next winter approaches, take some time to reflect on your wishes and your year. When you’re ready, carefully remove each wish from the branch and spend a moment thinking about it. This reflection is an essential part of the spell. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why did you want this? Did it happen for you? 
  • How did this wish manifest in your life?
  • What part did you have to play in bringing this to you? 
  • Why didn’t this one work? What can you do better next time? 
  • How have you grown or changed in the last 12 months? Do those changes still align with your original wishes?


Once you’ve reflected on your wishes and why you desired them, it’s time to release them. This part of the spell is largely practising gratitude and letting go of the old to make way for the new. It can be hard, and you may even feel resistance to remove your wishes from the tree, but it’s a necessary part of the cycle. One by one, express your gratitude for each wish you had. Thank the universe for the lessons and experiences your desire has taught you. Then, release them into the fire.


Once you’ve dropped your old wishes into the fire, it’s time to burn the branch itself. As the flames consume it, visualise any remaining energy from your wishes being released into the universe. The act of burning is a powerful symbol of transformation and renewal, clearing the way for new intentions, wishes, and dreams. 

When you’re done, you can make a new Wishing Tree! By honouring the cycles of nature, the magic of the Winter Solstice, and the power of reflection, you’re connecting with a tradition that spans generations. 

The Winter Solstice is a reminder that, even the darkest of times, the light will always return. Embrace this energy and always step into the new solar year with hope and confidence. 

Happy Solstice, witch! May what’s meant for you be yours.

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.