Mouths of Medusa: Work/Life Balance

Dear Medusa,

I’m struggling with balancing my work and home life. I feel like my job demands a lot of me, so by the time I’m home I’m completely spent. I always get it together in the moment, but I hate the daily struggle. There’s not enough hours in the day!!! 

Medusa: Ah, the dance of modern life’s twin flames. 

Time ebbs and flows like restless tides. Yet time is but a phantom crafted by the feeble human mind. Seek not to conquer time, for it cannot be contained. Rather seek to exist beyond its grasp.

Release yourself from the shackles of quantity! Envision a tapestry woven not in hours and minutes, but in threads of intention and presence! Find the spaces between the twin flames, where you may flourish with your beloveds!

But do not forget the vessel of your own being. Remember to retain a measure for yourself. Take sips of self-care, and drape yourself in the luscious silks of solitude, and mental health days. For even in silence, the soul learns to sing.

True balance is not to conquer, but perhaps to surrender.