Mouths of Medusa: Losing A Friendship

Dear Medusa

My best friend and I had a falling out a few months ago, and it’s been really weird since then. I’m worried this is going to go too far before we can resolve it. How can I mend our friendship?


The twilight of an unravelled friendship sends tremors through our cosmos. It is a sad thing, to oppose the one who previously stood in our camp.

Look past the veils of pride and pretence. Unearth those memories, tender and sharp, that illuminate the cracks in your bond. Hold them gently in your hands, for each shard carries echoes of laughter, secrets shared, and battles fought. Let the pain stitch your hearts together, knitting a tapestry of shared experience.

And then? Approach your comrade with open arms. Do not speak in blame or accusation, but in love and understanding. Acknowledge the complexities shaping your shared journey. Be responsible for your part.

But beware – the tides of friendship demand patience. Some wounds may reawaken with each gust of salty wind. Some wounds are meant to heal, but leave a scar of change or absence.

Allow time to weave resolution, and know that you both did your best when it comes to pass.