Venusian Enchantment: Spells and Rituals Aligned with the Planet of Love

It’s Friday, I’m in love.

You know the song! This pops into my head every time I talk Venusian magic. Each day of the week is governed by a planet, and Friday happens to be lucky in love. There’s also a connection to Freya here – but I digress! Today, we’re talking all things Venus. 

Venus is the planet of love and beauty. In the Roman pantheon, she is transformed into a goddess of love, sex, and fertility. However you perceive her – celestial body or femme divine – she is a symbol of affection, relationships, and harmony. In this article we’re going to explore the alluring magic of Venus, and how to harness her energies through love spells and rituals aligned with her essence. 

Venus is the epitome of sensuality and romance, creativity and passion. She has transcended time and geography, holding her place within the narratives of countless civilisations. From the Roman goddess to her Greek counterpart Aphrodite, to the luxurious depictions of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi and the fair Norse Freya, Venus’s presence is woven deeply into our understanding. 

Embracing her energy enables us to tap into the wellspring of romantic vitality and foster an unwavering love for ourselves. This connection is empowering, and helps us to recognise the beauty within and around us – ultimately enhancing our ability to forge genuine connections with others.

In witchcraft, you can harness the potent energies of Venus with the use of herbs, flowers, crystals, and essential oils. The sweet aromas of rose petals, the soft embrace of lavender, and the captivating essence of ylang-ylang are just a few examples of the earthly gifts we’ve received from Venus. It almost goes without saying, but rose quartz is another channel where we can receive her energies, as is flower agate, moldavite, ruby zoisite, and many more. By using these ingredients to create spells, potions, bath blends or oils, we harness the energies that resonate with the vibrations of sweet, sweet love. This kind of active witchcraft can act as a conduit for Venusian energy to flow through our lives, kindling passion and igniting desire. 

Here are some spells and rituals you can use to connect with her loving energy:

Venusian Spell for Self-Love

What you’ll need:

Lavender, salt, rose petals, a large bowl of water, rose quartz, face washer (or a piece of cloth), and if you want to add some essential oil, ylang-ylang, vanilla, or lavender are great for this spell.

The spell:

Find a quiet space and lay out your items in front of you. In the bowl of water, combine the salt and lavender. Hold the rose quartz to your heart and close your eyes, taking a few deep breaths and a moment to feel the energy from the crystal and centre yourself. 

Visualise a soft pink glow emanating from the crystal and surrounding you, filling you with feelings of love and acceptance. As you hold the rose quartz, say:

“I am worthy of love and acceptance. I radiate confidence and beauty from within.”

When you feel ready, place the rose quartz in the bowl of water, and sprinkle the rose petals into the bowl. If you’re using essential oil, use it now to anoint your wrists and heart and place a few drops in the bowl. Sit in meditation for a few minutes, and imagine living a life filled with acceptance and gratitude. 

When you’re done, pick up the face washer and dip it into the bowl. Begin to wash your face, neck, arms and chest. As you wash yourself, imagine washing away any blockages or energies that stand in the way of your self-acceptance. You can use this water for the next three days. 

After three days, take the rose quartz out, dispose of the rest of the water mindfully (it has salt, please don’t give this one back to the earth! Down the sink is fine). Carry the crystal with you as a reminder of your inner beauty and worthiness. 

Spell for Attracting Romance into Your Life

You could use this spell to attract someone into your life, or as a glamour spell to light the romantic spark for life within you. Intention is everything so make sure you’re clear on your intentions for the spell before you begin.

What you’ll need:

Red or pink candle, piece of paper and pen, cauldron or fireproof bowl, jasmine or ylang-ylang essential oil.

The spell:

In a quiet place, lay out your items in front of you and light the candle. On the piece of paper, write: 

‘I make room in my life for romance. I embrace life’s pleasures without guilt, choosing to live abundantly.’

Place a drop of essential oil on the paper and anoint yourself on your wrists and neck. Hold the paper to your heart and visualise yourself feeling passionate, happy, and fulfilled. When you feel ready, fold the piece of paper towards you and hold it over the candle flame. As it burns, say:

“With this flame I call to me a romance strong and true. May it burn bright, like Venus’ light, bringing passion through and through.”

Place the paper in your cauldron and let it burn out naturally – it’s okay if it doesn’t burn completely! If there’s any left over you can keep it on your altar as a reminder of the spell you’ve cast. You can also carry it with you as a token of your intention (or on that hot date you’ve got planned this weekend!)

Spell for Relationship Harmony

What you’ll need:

Two candles, a small plate, rosemary essential oil, and a pin or toothpick.

The spell:

On one of the candles, use your pin to carve your name or zodiac symbol. Do the same for your partner on the remaining candle. Sit the two candles side by side, upright on the small plate (witch tip: you can melt the bottom a bit so they stick!). 

Drop some rosemary oil down each candle to anoint them and focus on your intention for harmony and understanding in your relationship. When you feel ready, light the candles and say:

“May love and understanding flow freely between us. May Venus bless us with her harmony.”

Stare into the flame and let your eyes relax. Visualise a reality where your relationship is ideal and fulfilling for both of you. Let the feelings of peace and harmony envelop you.

Allow the candles to burn down, and if there is any wax left over, leave it on your altar as a token of your intention and reminder to support the harmonious energy you’re attracting to your relationship.

Venusian Bath Ritual for Self-Love

What you’ll need:

Epsom salt, vanilla or rose essential oil, rose petals, lavender flowers, and candles.

The ritual:

Fill your tub and add a handful of the salt, rose, and lavender. Put a couple of drops of your chosen essential oil, and light the candles. As you soak in the bath, visualise a warm pink light surrounding and enveloping you, radiating acceptance and compassion. 

Take slow deep breaths and repeat some self-love affirmations such as:

I am deserving of love. 

I am beautiful inside and out. 

I live a life filled with abundant love.

I accept myself as I am. 

As you sit in the bath, allow the Venusian energies to flow through you, cleansing and rejuvenating your spirit. When you feel ready, step out and gently pat yourself dry to let the energies and magic sink in. Throughout the day, remind yourself of the soft pink glow that surrounds you, using visualisation whenever you need an extra boost of self-love. 

Morning Affirmation Ritual to Honour Venus

This one is quick and easy, no ingredients necessary! Just a moment of your time and focus.

What to do:

Before your morning coffee, find a quiet and comfortable place to sit on the floor. Take three deep breaths, in and out. Sit with your legs crossed and both hands on your heart. Say:

“I welcome love and beauty into my life. I am a vessel of Venusian energy.” 

Stay in this position for 3 minutes. When you’re done, take three more deep breaths, in and out. Then, enjoy your day! 

I welcome love and romance into my life. I am a vessel of Venusian energy.

Beyond spells and rituals, there lies an invitation; a chance to cultivate a personal relationship with Venus herself. Just as she radiates love, you can too – by doing things that honour her, you embody what she stands for. Meditation opens its doors to her divine wisdom, journaling allows you to channel our emotions, and offerings create a tangible connection between our world and hers. These acts of devotion deepen your understanding of Venus and nurture the connection between you and her. 

So embrace the ancient arts of Venusian enchantment, and remember that Venus extends beyond the cosmos – she lives in our hearts, and our stories, and unlocking doors to realms where love reigns supreme.

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.