Love Lettuce Spell

Okay, THIS was a new one even to us! Our research was certainly a rabbit-hole (which kinda makes sense given the ingredients for this charm…)

Certain herbs and botanicals lend themselves to controversy – so consider the humble lettuce. Would you ever think of it as an aphrodisiac?

In ancient Egypt, a particularly phallic-looking lettuce (likely an ancestor of today’s cos lettuce varieties) was sacred to Min, a primordial deity of male primal power.

So why not seduce with salad? Hey, the ancients did it!

1. Mindfully build a dish to serve to yourself before some solo magic, or to a loved one: include endive, baby uncut carrots, cucumbers, and asparagus, on top of crisp fresh lettuce leaves.

2. Sprinkle powdered basil on top, whispering your desires and intentions over the herbs, fruits and vegetables.

3. Serve, and see what happens!

Don’t forget, if you’re serving this to someone else, make sure you get their consent first.