Spring Tarot Spread

This spread will help you tap into the energy of renewal and growth that comes with this time of year.

Card 1: The Seed Card.

What new potential or opportunity is ready to sprout in my life during this season of rebirth?

Card 2: The Soil Card.

What supportive energies or aspects of my life can I draw upon to nurture and encourage this new growth?

Card 3: The Rain of Inspiration.

What inspirations or creative energies will help water and nourish my new endeavors?

Card 4: The Sun of Vitality.

How can I infuse my projects and goals with vibrant energy and vitality?

Card 5: The Blossoming Outcome.

What will the blossoming of these new endeavors look like? What can I expect as they come to fruition?

Card 6: The Obstacle Card.

What potential challenges or obstacles might arise as I pursue this path of rebirth and growth? How can I overcome them?

Card 7: The Wisdom Card.

What wisdom or lesson can I gain from embracing the spirit of rebirth during this season?

This spread will help you align with the transformative energies of spring and gain a deeper understanding of how to embrace new beginnings and revitalise various aspects of your life.