The Oak Tree

The Oak tree is a symbol of strength, good fortune, and success in the witch-world. With a special place in the hearts of anyone who believes in magic, this tree is a powerhouse of endurance and steadfastness. Not to mention, this tree has close ties to Danu, the Celtic mother of creation. The Oak tree says, ‘you are magic, and you belong here as much as I do’. 

The Oak has been the MVP in the ancient cultures league – revered and celebrated for its unwavering resilience. In the witchy playbook, this tree is like the go-to friend for matters that need a dose of courage and determination. Feeling a bit wobbly in life? Oak’s got your back. Uncertain about that spell you’re concocting? Oak’s branches are there to lend you some sturdy support.

Every magical tree has a story to tell, and the mighty Oak is no different. It has been revered by the Druids for as long as they’ve existed (in fact, it’s possible the word Druid comes from a phrase meaning they ‘know the oak tree’) and provided a home for one of the most magical plants in the world: Mistletoe. Many other cultures saw the Oak as a sacred meeting spot for gods and goddesses, so if you listened close enough you might hear the secrets of the universe spilling out of its branches. 

So, how do you witches tap into the Oak’s vibes? It’s like adding a dash of cosmic strength to your magical smoothie. Use Oak leaves or twigs to craft talismans or amulets for success and courage. Carve your intentions into Oak wood for a boost of determination or protection. You can also use the acorns or dried leaves for spells of immortality and resilience.


Jenna is a pagan and lifelong student of history. She's the potion expert at High Priestess, and also designs tarot decks, oracle decks, and powerful ritual oils.