The Myths of Moss Agate

Moss agate is one of those crystals you could stare into for ages. It has an almost kaleidoscope effect with its beautiful greens swirling around on the inside. There’s no wonder our ancestors considered it the most powerful agate – but did you know it’s not really an agate at all?

Agates are defined by their banded and layered characteristics, which moss agate doesn’t have. Moss agate is a type of chalcedony quartz with dendritic inclusions (those wonderful, mossy green lines). 

Historical beliefs

All over the world, we’ve revered moss agate for one reason or another. 

Farmers used to tie it to the horns of their cattle as they ploughed fields for a new crop; they believed it would help the new plants grow healthy, strong, and abundant. Midwives used to wear moss agate because it radiated powers of courage and feelings of relief to the mothers giving birth. Tribal priests and shamans would gift pieces of moss agate to warriors for protection and releasing their full potential on the battlefield. Other beliefs around the powers of moss agate are:

Native Americans used the stone to control the weather and bring forth rain.

Arabians used it for the eyes of the dead and the eyes of the gods.

In Islam, they wore moss agate so they could live longer.

In ancient Greece, they believed moss agate attracted good fortune from the divine.

Practical uses

Moss agate is a powerhouse of natural benefits that can elevate your wellness game. From being a natural insect repellent to supporting your immune system, this crystal just keeps on giving.

When the flu season hits, moss agate is a trusty sidekick. Its inflammation-fighting powers help regulate your body’s response, easing those achy symptoms and giving you the boost you need to bounce back. Plus, its detoxifying properties make it a go-to for breaking free from unhealthy habits and addictions. Whether it’s kicking caffeine or saying goodbye to late-night snacks, moss agate supports your journey to a cleaner, happier you. It can also boost your immune system and tackle swollen lymph nodes.

Its harmonising energy isn’t just limited to the physical realm; it’s a pro at unblocking stagnant energy in your spirit, paving the way for a more balanced and aligned life. And let’s not forget its spiritual side – moss agate loves to play matchmaker with your chakras, activating those higher energies and bringing a sense of harmony between your yin and yang. 

Magical uses

These days, we love this stone for its powers of growth. Witches everywhere use it to connect with nature and attract a growing, positive energy for all kinds of goals. It has a calming, low vibration that is wonderful for feelings of stress and overwhelm and it can provide mental clarity if you hold it close and meditate on it in times of need. It can also release trapped emotions, spiritual blockages, and replace feelings of fear with feelings of self-confidence.

You can also use it in the following ways:

  • Next time you’re doing your taxes or accounting, keep some close by as it’s known to attract wealth. 
  • Wear it near your heart overnight when you need love to blossom (old or new!).
  • If you’re feeling uneasy, rub a moss agate palm stone between your hands and let it soothe your soul.
  • Chuck some in your wallet or pocket as a lucky charm for the day.

Moss agate is associated with goddesses such as Gaia, Bona Dea, Nyx, Cerrdiwen, Dione, and Itzpapaloti. It’s also been linked to Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and even Aquarius. So if you’re working with any of these energies, you can boost your witchwork with a piece of moss agate.

Other beliefs

One day I was scrolling my socials and saw a ‘moss agate witch tip’ that told me to place some pieces in a plant that isn’t doing so great. I had a handful of moss agate chips, and a small tumble that I wasn’t using, so I took it to my dying Ivy and placed them in the pot. The glow up was phenomenal. Three years later, she’s still going strong (and this is coming from a serial plant killer). 

If you have a large piece of moss agate, try placing it one of the following areas and see how the energy transforms:

  • A child’s bedroom
  • A common area where you eat
  • A place where you are focusing on a new project

Moss agate can serve as a reminder that if we don’t come from a strong, stable foundation we can still thrive. Whether you’re drawn to its earthy aesthetics or its energetic benefits, moss agate invites you to embrace its natural wisdom and harness its transformative energies in your life.

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.