Bedroom Blessing Ritual

Your bedroom should be a haven of rejuvenation and self-care. It’s where you go to rest and reset – but for many of us it can become a dumping ground. 

Sometimes you don’t make the bed in the morning, sometimes you fall asleep curled up next to your laptop with emails and spreadsheets open. Sometimes it gets so filled with clutter from your day-to-day activities that it’s impossible to call it a haven. 

Now, if there was ever a perfect time to reestablish your bedroom as a place of renewal and relaxation, it’s the Taurus New Moon… and did you know you can witchify this process?

This Bedroom Blessing Ritual will transform your bedroom into a cocoon of comfort that nurtures you and sets the tone for many magical mornings yet to come (and it’s really simple)!

Before you can perform the ritual, you’ll need to clear the clutter and tidy up your room. Ask yourself what doesn’t need to be in there, and make your bed in your favourite bed sheets or colours that promote feelings of peace within you. Wipe down the surfaces, do an energetic sweep with a broom, and if you’re into smudging, now is the time. 

Here’s what you’ll need to gather for the ritual:

A large white candle

Rose quartz (the bigger the piece, the better)

A small indoor plant

Lavender or patchouli essential oil

Here’s what to do:

Take your items into your room and place the plant, crystal, and candle where it feels right for you. They might be all together, like a bedroom altar, or in different places where it is practical for you – just go with what feels right. 

Grab the essential oil and place a drop on your finger to anoint the candle. Light it, and take three deep breaths to let the soothing aroma fill your senses and the room. 

Then, place your hands on either side of the plant. Take a few more deep breaths and feel your connection to the earth through this plant. Close your eyes and say: “Earth, stable and strong, bless this space with your grounding energy. May it be a sanctuary that nurtures my growth.” Focus on the power of your words and intent as you do this. 

When you feel ready, take the rose quartz in your hands and feel its vibrations of love working through you. Sit with it for three minutes, envisioning a warm pink glow spreading through the room. When you’re done, say: “Love and comfort, fill this space with your gentle embrace”.

This ritual can be performed at any time, but it’s especially potent during the Taurus New Moon as it aligns your intentions with the earthy energies of stability and growth. The rose quartz ties it all together nicely with its ties to self-love, compassion, Taurus, and Venus. 

Remember to keep your bedroom as sacred as you can, declutter when necessary and make sure your plant gets all the light it needs to thrive.