The Hawthorn Tree

Let’s dive into the magic that is the Hawthorn tree – nature’s mystical bouncer, keeping watch at the doorway between realms like some arboreal guardian of the VIP section. Entwined with the Triple Goddess’s secrets, Hawthorn ushers you into the realms beyond, where magic dances in the moonlight and the fae flit about like mischievous partygoers.

Within the delicate blossoms of the Hawthorn, there’s a secret portal to the fae realm. The Hawthorn, with its thorny exterior, holds the key to this magical kingdom, captivating those who dare to peek through the veil into the fae’s glittering domain.

But don’t be fooled by its pretty facade; this tree means business, especially when it comes to protection. Its thorns are a reminder of the delicate balance between beauty and safeguarding your magical space. The fae world might be all sparkles and ethereal vibes, but it can also throw a curveball your way. This tree, with its thorny wisdom, teaches us that protection is as essential as the allure of the mystical.

From its berries to its flowers, its branches to its leaves, the Hawthorn tree is abundant with ways you can use it in your craft. Burning its dried leaves is a great way to infuse your space with happiness and protection. The flowers are great for fertility magic, and the thorns can be used to carve symbols into candles.

Jenna is a pagan and lifelong student of history. She's the potion expert at High Priestess, and also designs tarot decks, oracle decks, and powerful ritual oils.