Sun Magic

With the sun in full swing lately, we thought there was no better time to bask in some sun magic. Did you know you channel the warm glow of its rays into some serious witchcraft? 

You do now! Sun magic is all about tapping to the vibrant power of this celestial ball of fire for energies of fertility, success, growth, vitality, strength, and the divine masculine. It’s also great for witchcraft involving power, healing, and protection. 

The sun is all about radiating positivity and vitality, so any time you’re feeling down or are focusing on your health and wellness, are good times to call in the sun’s bright energy. It’s also really helpful with manifestations and success, so when you’re setting goals to kick or need an extra boost to succeed in a new project the sun is at your disposal. 

To do sun magic, you can set up a ritual space outdoors or near a sunny window in the home. You can incorporate crystals and herbs that are associated with the sun’s energy to help you call it in and focus your intentions.

But sun magic is about working with the sun, not just in it. So how can you take it from a ritual in the sun to actual sun magic? We have a few ways to get you started:

Solar Sigils

You can create symbols and sigils inspired by the sun and charge them under its rays for extra potency! 

Sun Bathing & Manifestation Magic

You know when you’re manifesting and you get to the visualising part? Do this in the sun! Soak up some rays while you picture your goals coming to life. Call on the suns power to course through your body and infuse your visual magic. 

Sunkissed Concoctions

Charge up your oils in the sun! Place them on a windowsill for a few hours and let them soak up some vital energy through the rays. This will boost any concoction you’ve got made up – especially if you check out what sign the sun is in and charge up oils and potions that could benefit from the energies of that zodiac.

Making Sun Water

In almost the same way you make moon water, you can also make sun water! The difference between the magic of moon water and the magic of sun water is this – moon water is good for almost all magic (any spells that calls for water is a good excuse to bust out the moon water!), while sun water should be infused with an intention. You can do this with your mind, energetic transference from your hands, or you can write the intention on a piece of paper. Pop the vessel of water in the rays of the sun, let it do its thing, and use the charged water in your spells later.

Sunrise Meditations and Magic

Sunrise is a time of new beginnings, so if you’re up before dawn it can be a great time to meditate on new goals or projects. It’s also a time of the fae, as being a time of transition (night to day) it’s considered a portal and the fae tend to flicker through worlds at this time. So whether you want to use the sun to connect with the fae or use it to protect and support you on a new adventure, sunrise is the time to do it.

Sunset Spellwork

Also a portal, you can harness the magic of sunsets in your craft, too. While dusk is considered a time of the fae as well, it has very strong powers of transformation and letting go. Using this time of the day in your craft can be helpful with spells around transformation, endings, letting go. Personally, I find sunsets great for releasing parts of the ego that hold you back.

Sun Altar

Show your appreciation for this super-star by having a small area or altar dedicated to it. You could include sun oils or potions, sun deities or symbolism, crystals and flowers associated with the sun and any other things that invoke sun energy for you. This should be a bright space that feels happy and healthy.

And aside from all this, you can simply ask the sun to provide you with its energy the same way you would with mother earth. Just go outside and ask, visualising a ray of light connecting you both as it offers you its energy and power.

Spellwork Correspondences

Sun Deities: Sunna, Bast, Hathor, Ra, Sekhmet, Ba’al, Tapati, Amaterasu, Lugh, Aurora, Sol

Sun Herbs and Flowers: Sunflower, cinnamon, bergamot, chamomile, chia, frankincense, juniper, marigold, mistletoe, moringa, peonies, rosemary, rue, saffron,  St John’s Wort, turmeric 

Sun Crystals: Sunstone, jasper, citrine, carnelian, pyrite, amber, calcite, peridot, lapis lazuli

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.