Give Me Some Sun Energy!

The sun is a symbol of power, strength, and an aspect of masculine divinity. It represents life, growth, fertility and is associated with healing, protection, and good luck. In the world of astrology, the sun represents the ego and the conscious mind (aka your ‘star’ sign).

How do I know when my life needs some Sun energy?

The Sun is all about radiating positivity, so any time you’re feeling down or things in your life seem a bit dark are good times to call in the Sun’s bright energy. There’s an old Maori proverb that says ‘turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you’ – so here are five ways you can connect with the Sun:

  1. Bask! Basking in the Sun and meditating on it can fill your body with its light and power. 
  2. Create a Sun altar: gather items associated with the sun, such as sunflowers or sunstones, and arrange them on an altar to create a sacred space for connecting to the Sun’s energy.
  3. Make a Sun oil: Mix together essential oils that are associated with the Sun, such as lemon, orange, and cinnamon, to create an oil that can be used to anoint yourself, candles, or other ritual tools.
  4. Honour your star sign: embody all that is your Sun. Be as YOU as you can be, and let your light shine bright!
  5. Simply ask. Go outside and ask the Sun to provide you with its energy. You can incorporate tools or movement to make it a Sun ritual!