Seasonal Witchcraft: Embracing the Magic of the Wheel of the Year

The Wheel of the Year is a witch’s cosmic calendar. It’s a cycle of seasons and celebrations that mirrors the ebb and flow of life itself. And those celebrations? We call them Sabbats. 

Seasonal witchcraft isn’t just about marking dates on a calendar; it’s about syncing up with the rhythms of nature, respecting the Earth, and tuning into the energies of the current season to supercharge our witchy mojo.


Litha, also known as Midsummer, is a celebration of the sun. It’s all about honouring the sun’s zenith (in simple terms, this means when something is at the peak of its power) and embracing the fierce power of fire magic. Picture golden fields of wildflowers and long, sun-drenched days.

Plants like St. John’s Wort and chamomile are your go-to green buddies, and crystals like citrine and sunstone radiate with summer vibes. Fire is the name of the game here, so candles and bonfires are your witchcraft go-to’s. Litha is a big old summer solstice party with a dash of magic.

Other things associated with Litha include sunflowers, acorns, solar symbols, summer fruits, honey, and suncatchers.


Lammas, or Lughnasadh, is when we start reaping the rewards of our hard work. It’s like a cosy gathering of gratitude for the first harvest. Grains and herbs of the harvest, such as wheat and corn, take centre stage, and goddesses Demeter is our harvest queen.

Colours of golden yellow and deep green, along with crystals like citrine and peridot, amp up the Lammas vibes. This is a time for baking bread, sharing meals, and giving thanks. Lammas is a warm, fuzzy hug from Mother Earth herself.

Other things associated with Lammas include apples, grapes, wine, scarecrows, red and orange, Lugh, scythes, and barley.


Mabon, the autumn equinox, is like the ultimate balancing act between light and dark. For this writer, it’s the season of the soul, when day and night are in perfect harmony. Herbs such as sage and marigold bring their autumnal magic, while Kali or Hecate remind us of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Earthy colours – rich browns and deep oranges –  set the tone, and crystals like amber and jasper ground us in the season. It’s a time for reflection, finding balance, and appreciating the bounties of life. 

Other things associated with Mabon include gourds, cornucopia, leaves, nuts, wine, citrine, symbols of balance, and feasts.


Samhain is a mystical meet-up with our dearly departed. It’s when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, and its all about honouring ancestors and embracing the darkness as we welcome the dark half of the year. Plants like pumpkins and apples take the spotlight, and Hecate and other crone goddesses guide us through the shadows.

Colours of black, orange, and deep purple add to the spooky vibe, while crystals like obsidian help us connect with the spirit realm. Samhain is like a ghostly soirée, where we sip warm drinks, remember loved ones, and dance with spirits.

Other things associated with Samhain include ancestral work, divination, pumpkins, black cats, oak leaves, apple cider, cauldrons, and myrrh.


Yule, the winter solstice, is a cosmic celebration of the return of the light. It’s when we cosy up to the fire and mark the longest night of the year. Evergreens bring life and cheer, while goddesses like the Cailleach add a touch of magic.

Colours of deep red and evergreen, along with crystals like clear quartz, light up the season. Yule is a time for feasting and kindling the Yule log to bring warmth and light back into our lives. It’s like a twinkling fairy tale in the heart of winter.

Other things associated with Yule include poinsettias, the colour gold, bells, antlers and reindeer imagery, shadow work, and crone goddesses.


Imbolc is a soft whisper of spring in the air. It’s when we embrace the first signs of the season and honour the goddess Brigid. Plants like snowdrops and crocuses push through the snow, reminding us that life is returning.

The colours of white and pale blue evoke the purity of new beginnings, and crystals like amethyst and aquamarine enhance our connection to the season. Imbolc is a time for cleaning and purifying, lighting candles, and setting intentions for the year ahead. It’s a breath of fresh air after a long winter’s nap.

Other things associated with Imbolc include Brigid’s cross, milk, honey, swans, besoms, anointing oils, and tarot.


Ostara, the spring equinox, is nature’s grand awakening. It’s when we welcome the rebirth of the Earth and the goddess within us all. Plants like daffodils and tulips burst forth with colour, while Freya, Persephone, and Eostre embody the spirit of the season.

Pastel colours and crystals such as rose quartz infuse our rituals with the energy of love and growth. Ostara is a time for planting seeds, celebrating balance, and dancing in the meadows. It’s like a symphony of life and renewal.

Other things associated with Ostara include eggs, rabbits, seedlings, jasmine, amethyst, baskets, floral wreaths, and butterflies.


Beltane is the sultry dance of the god and goddess, a celebration of fertility and passion. Blooming flowers take centre stage, while goddesses like Aphrodite and Xochiquetzal inspire us to embrace our desires.

Colours of vibrant green and passionate red, along with crystals like rose quartz and garnet, set the mood. Beltane is a time for dancing around the Maypole, jumping over bonfires, and exploring the sensuality of life. 

Other things associated with Beltane include ribbons, carnelian, faeries and sprites, sex magick, music, strawberries, and besoms.

But here’s the real magic, folks: as much as we respect traditions, these Sabbats aren’t set in stone. They’re canvases waiting for your unique touch. It’s important to celebrate them in a way that feels right for you. Feel free to adapt and customise rituals and practices to suit your path and preferences. Trust your gut and follow your intuition. The more you make these celebrations your own, the deeper your connection to the seasons will become.

These Sabbats are like bookmarks in the grand story of life, marking the chapters of our journey through the seasons. Embrace the cyclical nature of life and magic through the Wheel of the Year and let the ever-turning wheel guide you on your path of growth, transformation, and connection with the Earth.

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.