Protection Spell: The Freezer Spell

On a small piece of paper, write down the name of the person or thing that is plaguing your life right now. This can be anything from an interfering ex, a salty family member who won’t leave you alone or bad habits such as negative self-talk or constant apologising. For added measure, you can write it down in red.  

When you’re done, fold the piece of paper away from you. To fold something inward, toward you, is to attract and receive. Therefore, folding the piece of paper away from you is to repel or ward off. Fold it as many times as you’d like then place it in the freezer.  

Many witches like to fill a receptacle of water and place the paper in there so it freezes over, while some witches will have a small container filled with random pieces of paper (its me, I’m some witches and I call it my graveyard). 

Happy freezing!

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.