Pearls: Pretty & Powerful

Do you know how pearls are made? A pearl is the result of pain, of a wound that has to undergo some serious work to become as beautiful as it is meant to. This act of creation makes them a truly powerful companion when doing healing magic. For centuries, shamans have used pearls the same way they use healing crystals.

Pearls are like an energy-boosting genie, and can add some serious oomph to any spell you’ve got going on. They’ve got a sneaky talent for storing and transferring energy, thanks to their very nature of concealing and hiding themselves to be revealed later. So in ritual, you can use pearls as an energy storage unit! Just hold the pearl in your hand and visualise – really focus! – on the energy you want to stash away. Pop it in a safe spot and treat it like your trusty talisman or amulet. Using a pearl necklace is a perfect way to do this, since they’re easy to find and wear.

Pearls also love to shine in spells and magical work too. They’ve got a knack for protection and prosperity, so they’re a great go-to when you want to attract these qualities into your life. You can whip up a simple charm by tying a pearl to a string as you visualise and verbally repeat your desired result. And voila, witch! You’ve got a pearler of a charm. 

Here are a couple of other ways you can embrace the magic of pearls:

Pearls are total cupids! Want to ramp up the romance vibes? Place a single pearl in a small bowl of water, add a few drops of rose oil and a piece of rose quartz. Now focus, and picture yourself taking the steps to make the romance happen! Slip it into your pocket when it’s go time.

For a dose of financial mojo, you can do the same spell with different ingredients. Place the pearl in some water, and add some citrine and jasmine oil. Again, focus! Picture yourself making the moves to get you closer to your money goals. Try keeping this one in your wallet, at your business, or adding it to a money spell jar. 

So there you have it witches, pearls are like the ultimate multi-tool in your magical arsenal. They store energy, attract protection, prosperity, healing, love… all with a sprinkle of intention and some visualising skills!