Goddess Hathor

Hathor is a nurturing mother – but make no mistake: she also has horns. If you get in between her and those under her protection, you’ll learn to fear her wrath. Hathor calls you to protect and nurture the sanctity of your relationships. She reminds you, though, not to lose yourself in them.

When you work with Hathor, she calls upon you to be a fierce protector of your relationships. It’s not just about showering others with love; it’s also about setting strong boundaries. Think about it – when you’re raising children, you don’t just say “yes” to everything they want. You know that firmness and boundaries are necessary for their growth.

Similarly, in all aspects of your life, Hathor reminds you to draw those boundaries with clarity and confidence. It’s not about being a pushover or sacrificing your own needs for the sake of others’ happiness. True love involves mutual respect and understanding of each other’s boundaries.

So, if you find yourself caught up in people-pleasing or losing yourself in relationships, Hathor’s energy is your guiding light. She’s here to remind you that healthy relationships require strong boundaries and a balance between nurturing and self-preservation.

When working with Hathor, embrace her maternal attitude and apply it to every area of your life. Approach your relationships with love and care, just as you would with your children, but also be ready to assert your boundaries when needed. It’s about fostering strength and respect in your connections, rather than seeking momentary approval.

So let her guide you in drawing healthy boundaries in your relationships, empowering you to love deeply while still preserving your sense of self. With her by your side, you’ll find the harmony and balance that come from a heart rooted in love and respect. 

You can call upon Hathor when you feel the need to strengthen your relationships or heal any wounds that may have arisen from crossed boundaries. She’s a powerful ally to have in your corner, reminding you that love encompasses both tenderness and assertiveness.