Getting Started with Simmer Pots

Who doesn’t love a simmer pot? They’re fun to make, and not only does the wonderful scent fill your home but the magic does too! Reaching up to the ceilings and into the corners. 

Sometimes called stovetop potpourri, simmer pots are actually a form of elemental magic, as they also use all four elements: heat (fire), ingredients (earth), steam (air), and water. You can fill them with ingredients to purify, uplift, protect, heal, bring love – anything you want, really! 

Not only do the herbs and flowers you use determine the magic infused, but the type of water as well. Different waters carry unique energies that can enhance specific spellwork:

River, lake, or sea water can connect your magic to nature and are great for cleansing, protection, and growth. River water is especially good for bringing about change. 

Moon water is often used for enhancing intuition and psychic abilities, magic work in general, and feminine energies. Sun water is the same, but with more of a masculine energy and is often already infused with a specific intent. 

Storm or rain water, collected during a thunderstorm or rainfall, can infuse your simmer pot with cleansing and energising energies, and they’re great for transformation magic.

If you live in a place where natural snow or ice is readily available, you can collect icicles or snowballs and let them melt. These are perfect for transformation, creativity, and rebirth. Hail is used for power and protection.

8 Simmer Pot Blends To Try

Here are some of our favourite base blends for almost every occasion. Simply gather your ingredients, choose your water, focus your energy, and you’re set to simmer! 

You can intuitively add more ingredients to any of these blends, making your witchcraft intuitive and personal is far more powerful than going by the book.

Purify and Cleanse

Other additions to consider for a purifying and cleansing simmer pot are: chamomile, lavender, lemongrass, mugwort, bay leaves, or cedar.


Other ingredients you could add to a protection simmer pot are: rosemary, chamomile, basil, black pepper, or juniper berries.

Energise and Uplift

Other additions for an uplifting blend are: lemon balm, saffron, tulsi, rose, passionflower, or hawthorne. 


Other ingredients perfect for a healing blend are: cinnamon, lemon balm, mint, lavender, feverfew, comfrey, or sage.

Happiness and Joy

Other additions to consider are: chamomile, damiana, passionflower, valerian, orange, lime, or grapefruit.


Additional ingredients for a relaxation simmer pot are: rosemary, apples, bay leaves, geranium, jasmine, or pine.


Other ingredients you could add to a love simmer pot are: lavender, lemon balm, orange, vanilla, cinnamon, or cranberry.

Abundance and Prosperity

Other additions to consider are: orange, ginger, jasmine, chamomile, vanilla bean, pine, or green tea.

Crafting your simmer pot blends can be a personal and intuitive experience, and throwing stuff in a bubbling pot appeases the inner witch and the inner child. When you’re done and your home is filled to the brim with your magic, simply let the concoction cool and return it to the earth (provided you haven’t added any salt). 

As its scents waft through your home, may it carry your intentions, desires, and energies to every nook and cranny, creating a space imbued with the magic of your craft.