Bonding with Your Deck

So, you’ve just got your hands on a shiny new tarot or oracle deck – congratulations! 

Whether you’re a seasoned reader or a curious beginner, bonding with your deck is a big step in making the most out of your readings. Building a relationship with your deck not only enhances your intuition but also makes your readings more insightful and personal. Today, I want to help you get started on creating that special connection!

Why Bonding with Your Deck Matters

Every tarot or oracle deck has its own unique energy and personality. Just like you have different relationships with different people, you’ll find that each deck you own will communicate with you in its own way. Forming a bond with your deck helps you tap into its distinct vibes, making your readings more accurate and meaningful. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to deepen your practice and enrich your witchcraft journey.

Ways to Bond with Your Tarot or Oracle Deck

Cleanse Your Deck

Start with a clean slate. When you get a new deck, it’s a good idea to cleanse it of any residual energies from the manufacturing or shipping process, or even from others touching it at the store. You can do this by passing the cards through incense smoke, placing them under moonlight, or simply placing some selenite on top.

Study Each Card

When you first get a deck, spend some time with each card. Look at the images and notice how they make you feel. This practice helps you understand the deck’s language and symbolism, making your readings more intuitive. You can dedicate a journal to your deck, noting down the cards you pull, your interpretations, and any patterns or themes you notice over time. This record will help you track your progress and deepen your understanding of your deck’s messages.

Compare Tarot Decks

If you’re familiar with other tarot decks, compare the new one’s illustrations and interpretations with those you already know. How does this Magician card feel compared to the one you’re used to? Observing the differences can give you fresh perspectives, enhance your reading skills, and shed some light on the deck’s personality. For example, I have two tarot decks; in one, the High Priestess looks directly at me and evokes feelings of readiness, and in the other she is in a trance-like state and I feel I need to learn one more lesson before I approach her.

Sleep with it Under Your Pillow

A lot of witches will place a new deck under their pillow at night. This can help the cards absorb their energy and sometimes give them insightful dreams about how to work with the deck. Because card reading is mostly intuition and symbolism, giving your deck room to communicate with you in the dream realm – which speaks the same language – can be a great place to start.

Use Your Hands

You can knock on your deck to ‘wake up’ the cards before you do a reading. You can also warm your hands by rubbing them together, then shuffle your deck while focusing on your questions or intentions. This simple act helps transfer your energy into the cards, fostering a deeper connection. I even know some witches who will prick their finger and press it onto the deck to create the bond.

Say Thanks

If your deck sheds light on a particular matter, take a moment to thank it. Even if the news isn’t great, when a truth is revealed there is a certain feeling associated with it. An ‘aha’ moment. When you feel these moments, it’s important to say thanks. Acknowledging the guidance you receive strengthens your bond and shows respect for the deck’s wisdom and willingness to help you.

Consider Where Your Deck Lives

Where you store your deck matters. Choose a meaningful spot that feels special to you. Maybe it’s a beautiful chest filled with all your decks or crystals that help with insight, or a dedicated altar or drawer. Just for example, I have a small chest filled with my decks, but two in particular like to live elsewhere – my Kali oracle deck lives next to her statue and my Friends tarot deck lives in the desk I spend most of my time at. These decks are the ones I have my strongest bonds with, and once a bond is formed you’ll simply know where it wants to live.

Card Layouts for Connection

There’s also some layouts you can do to get to know each other better. Here are my favourites:

The Deck Interview

  • Card 1: What work are we meant to do together?
  • Card 2: Tell me something I need to know about how to begin this work.
  • Card 3: What is your communication style?
  • Card 4: Which card is my closest guide within this deck?

Getting To Know Each Other

  • Card 1: Tell me something about you.
  • Card 2: Tell me something about me.
  • Card 3: Tell me something about the dynamic of our relationship.

Remember, bonding with your tarot or oracle deck is a personal and evolving journey. Take your time and enjoy the process. Over time, you’ll find that each deck becomes a trusted friend and guide.

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.