Am I A Witch?

Are you feeling a little different lately? Perhaps you’ve always had a sense that there’s something more to the world around you. If you’ve been wondering whether you might have a witchy side, you’re not alone. Modern witchcraft is a diverse and growing practice that resonates with people from all walks of life.

Here are 13 signs to tell if you could be a witch:

You’re Drawn to the Occult

Are you inexplicably drawn to books, websites, or discussions about the occult? Do you find yourself fascinated by subjects like magic, divination, and mystical practices? Maybe you’ve got a tarot deck or ouji board tucked away in your house somewhere. This could be a sign that your inner witch has tried to express herself before.

You Feel a Connection to the Moon

The moon holds a special place in the hearts of many witches. If you feel a deep and profound connection to the moon’s phases and cycles, it might be a hint that you have a witchy soul. You might be aware of her phases, and notice the effect they have on your life, or you might feel really wholesome on a full moon. If there’s any form of connection there, it could be a calling.

You Have a Sense of Knowing

Have you ever had a strong gut feeling or intuition about something that later turned out to be true? Trusting your instincts is a hallmark of many witches. If you naturally have an open channel for your intuition to communicate with you, you might be on the witchy path.

You Feel You’re Never Truly Alone

Do you ever sense the presence of unseen forces or energies around you? Or maybe you just feel like you’re never actually alone, as if there is someone or some force of energy always close by. Witches know that there are spirits, guides, and ancestors who watch over and communicate with them. This could be what you’re picking up on.

You Feel a Connection with Animals

Witches often have a deep bond with animals. As familiars, they bridge the gap between the spiritual and the physical, and they carry their own symbolism. If you find that animals are drawn to you or that you can understand their emotions and needs, this could be a sign of your witchy nature. Is it all animals? Is it a certain type?

You Have a Connection to Nature

Witches are nature enthusiasts. We know we are not separate from nature, but we are a part of it. We draw from the natural world and strive to work in harmony with it. If you feel at peace in natural settings, communicate with plants, or have a knack for herbal knowledge, your connection to nature is one of the prominent signs of a witch.

You Easily Detect Vibrational Shifts and Energies

Do you have a strange ability to read people – perhaps you can just tell when your friend needs you, or you can sense auras. Have you ever been in a room and immediately felt the atmosphere change? Witches are often sensitive to energy shifts and can sense the vibrations in their surroundings.

You Can See Through the Veil

Some witches have the ability to see beyond the physical world. Maybe you could see ghosts or fairies when you were younger. If you’ve ever glimpsed fleeting shadows, sensed a presence in an empty room, or had a feeling that you were peeking behind a hidden curtain, this might be a sign of your psychic abilities.

You Experience Deja Vu More Than Others

Deja vu, that strange feeling that you’ve experienced something before, might indicate a connection to the mysterious and the unexplained – a common theme in witchcraft. It’s not that you’re experiencing a glitch or are actually reliving something, it’s a form of witchy muscle memory where your inner knowing taps into something that is imprinted on the energetic plane.

You Can Feel a Transference of Energy

Hold your palms close together. Can you sense a subtle energy flow or warmth between them? Maybe the centers of your palms feel tickly? As you move your palms further away, when does the feeling stop? This is how far you can transfer energy. This sensitivity is a sign of magical potential and sometimes healing hands.

You Are Prone to Vivid Dreams

Vivid dreams that feel like they carry messages or insights can be a sign of a heightened spiritual awareness, a common trait among witches. Sometimes you might dream something that happens the next day, or you’ll dream of an old friend who then sends you a message.

You’re an Empath

While there are many who have empathic abilities – the ability to understand someone else’s emotions – an empath is someone who feels someone else’s experience (whether they want to or not). They have a unique ability to tune into the emotions and energy of others. If you often find yourself deeply affected by the moods of those around you, you’re probably one of the rarer kind: an empath.

You Have Visions

Visions, whether they come to you in meditation, dreams, or waking life, can be a powerful indicator of psychic and intuitive abilities that align with witchcraft practices. Have you ever had a glimpse of something that was later confirmed? Felt the need to tell your friend about an image that just popped in your head – only to see their eyes widen in wonder? This is a rare ability and it means you’re really in tune with the collective consciousness.

So, Are You a Witch?

If eight or more of these signs resonate with you, then most likely: yes.

Embracing your witchcraft journey is a personal and empowering experience. Whether you’re just beginning to explore your magical side or you’ve been practicing for years, remember that modern witchcraft is a diverse and welcoming community where you can continue to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded individuals. Trust your intuition, follow your path, and let your inner witch shine.

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.