Correspondences for Shadow Work

Shadow work is a profound journey of self-discovery and healing, delving into the hidden parts of our psyche that we often avoid. This practice involves bringing to light our unconscious patterns, fears, and traumas, allowing us to integrate these aspects and heal from within. Engaging in shadow work clarifies your intentions for spellcasting, making your magic more focused and effective. Also (and quite importantly), when you confront and embrace your shadow self, you unlock a powerful potential for manifesting your desires and living more authentically. When conflicting agendas arise within the self, it stops us from achieving our goals, so shadow work is essential to powerful manifestation magic.

In this beginner’s guide, we explore the correspondences that can aid in your shadow work journey. From crystals and plants to specific times and deities, these tools and allies provide the support, protection, and insights needed to navigate your inner darkness. Whether you’re just starting or deepening your practice, these correspondences will enhance your shadow work and help you achieve profound personal transformation.


Obsidian is a powerful protector that will aid in inner reflection and help you uncover hidden truths in your subconscious.

Black Tourmaline is the ultimate bodyguard. It repels negative energies and helps you stay balanced and grounded. It’ll give you the security and stability you need to confront your shadow aspects.

Lepidolite is high in lithium, making it ideal for balancing, calming, and reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. It will provide a deep level of emotional support during shadow work.

Kyanite is great for clearing blockages, balancing your chakras, and giving you access to higher realms which can help you receive better guidance and insight.

Amethyst is known for its calming and spiritual properties. It enhances intuition and spiritual awareness, so it will help you connect with your higher self and gain deeper insights during shadow work.

Moldavite is a powerful transformation tektite that is pretty specific to spiritual growth and evolution. It helps with breaking through old patterns and beliefs, and facilitates profound change. 

Rose Quartz provides self-love, compassion, and emotional healing which is crucial to the ‘radical acceptance’ stage of meeting your shadows. 

Moonstone is a go-to for emotional magic, it provides peace and protection while it helps you dive into the difficult things. It’s good for spiritual progress and new beginnings. 

Labradorite is good for revelations and transformation. It will help you reveal patterns of emotion or behaviour, and radiates a soft energy that supports personal transformation.

Lapis Lazuli will help you heal any emotional or spiritual wounds you uncover, especially those caused during childhood. 


Belladonna to shower you with love and aid you in self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Black Pepper to rid you of negative energies that no longer serve you.

Cacao to support you in giving yourself love.

Calamus Root to pull you from negativity energy and purify you.

Chamomile to help you relax and let go of your ego.

Eucalyptus to help you transform.

Garlic to help you with shadow work that is specific to boundary setting or protection from external factors.

Juniper to clear out bad energy quickly and provide clarity.

Lavender to promote peace during times of emotional intensity.

Mugwort to uncover hidden truths that lie within.

Mandrake to guide you in the dark and provide you with focus for your shadow work.

Mullein to help you feel secure as you do shadow work.

Nettle to help you confront your fears.

Pomegranate to help you uncover shadow gifts.

Rosemary to create a safe space for shadow work.

Rue to protect and banish bad energy.

Rose for complete and radical acceptance of the shadow self.

Sandalwood to quiet the conscious self and hear the shadow.

Sage to cleanse and protect your space.

St John’s Wort to provide mental clarity and support your stability. 

Thyme to give you courage and strength.

Tobacco to ground you and banish negativity.

Yarrow to heal you emotionally and psychologically.


These deities are powerful figures associated with transformation, the underworld, and confronting the shadow self. They embody aspects of destruction, death, rebirth, and empowerment, providing guidance and strength for deep inner work.

Kali is the Hindu goddess of time, change, and destruction, often depicted with a fierce and fearsome appearance. She represents the power of transformation and the destruction of ego and illusions. In shadow work, Kali helps you confront your deepest fears and release old patterns that no longer serve you. Her energy is intense and transformative, providing the courage and strength needed to face and integrate your shadow aspects. When calling on Kali, expect a powerful force that will push you to break free from limitations and embrace your true self.

Lilith is a figure in Jewish mythology, often depicted as a demoness or the first wife of Adam who refused to be subservient. She embodies independence, rebellion, and the untamed aspects of the feminine psyche. In shadow work, Lilith assists in reclaiming personal power and confronting societal norms that suppress individuality. Her energy encourages autonomy, self-expression, and the embracing of one’s darker, primal instincts. When invoking Lilith, be prepared for an empowering and liberating force that challenges you to stand in your truth and embrace your inner wildness.

Hecate is the Greek goddess of magic, witchcraft, the moon, and the crossroads. She is often depicted as a triple goddess, representing the maiden, mother, and crone. Hecate is a guide through transitions and the unknown, making her an ideal ally in shadow work. She helps you navigate the darkness within, offering wisdom and protection as you uncover hidden aspects of yourself. Her energy is both mysterious and nurturing, providing guidance and support in your journey of self-discovery. When calling on Hecate, expect a wise and protective presence that illuminates the path through your inner shadows.

Inanna is the Sumerian goddess of love, beauty, sex, and war. She is known for her descent into the underworld, a myth that symbolises the journey of facing and integrating the shadow self. In shadow work, Inanna aids in exploring the depths of your emotions and desires, helping you to embrace all aspects of your being. Her energy is passionate and transformative, encouraging you to confront and heal your deepest wounds. When invoking Inanna, expect a powerful and loving force that guides you through emotional healing and personal transformation.

Persephone is the Greek goddess of spring and the queen of the underworld. Her dual role symbolises the cycle of death and rebirth, making her a potent figure for shadow work. Persephone helps you navigate the underworld of your psyche, providing insights and understanding of your shadow aspects. Her energy is both gentle and resilient, offering support as you journey through darkness to find renewal and growth. When calling on Persephone, expect a compassionate and understanding presence that aids in transforming and integrating your shadow self.

Medusa is a figure from Greek mythology, often depicted as a monster with snakes for hair whose gaze turns people to stone. She represents the power of facing and transforming trauma and victimisation. In shadow work, Medusa helps you confront and heal from past wounds, reclaiming your power and self-worth. Her energy is fierce and protective, providing the strength needed to overcome fears and embrace your true potential. When invoking Medusa, expect a strong and empowering force that helps you face your traumas and transform them into sources of strength.

The Morrigan is a Celtic goddess associated with war, fate, and sovereignty. She is often depicted as a triple goddess, embodying the maiden, mother, and crone. The Morrigan is a powerful ally in shadow work, guiding you through transformation and the integration of your darker aspects. Her energy is intense and formidable, helping you to embrace your inner warrior and confront your fears. When calling on The Morrigan, expect a powerful and transformative presence that aids in personal empowerment and the reclaiming of your sovereignty.

Baba Yaga is a witch-like figure from Slavic folklore, often depicted as a crone who lives in a hut that stands on chicken legs. She represents the wild, untamed aspects of the feminine and the wisdom of the crone. In shadow work, Baba Yaga helps you explore the depths of your subconscious and embrace your inner wildness. Her energy is enigmatic and wise, challenging you to confront and integrate your shadow aspects. When invoking Baba Yaga, expect a mysterious and transformative presence that guides you through the unknown and helps you uncover hidden truths.

Magical Times

3am: Also known as the Witching Hour, this is a time when the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinnest, making it an ideal time for deep spiritual work. It’s quiet and still, allowing for uninterrupted introspection and the release of stagnant energies. Personally, I love lighting an orange spell candle at this time to unblock stagnant energies and release them.

Saturday: Ruled by Saturn, Saturday is associated with endings, protection, and banishing negativity. It’s an ideal day for rituals aimed at warding off harmful influences and removing obstacles.

Sunrise and sunset: Sunrise is the perfect time to set intentions for a change of lifestyle, while sunset symbolises the end of a day, making it a powerful time for rituals focused on release and closure. It’s a natural time to let go of what no longer serves you and prepare for new beginnings.

Monday: Ruled by the Moon, Monday is associated with emotions, intuition, and subconscious work. It’s a fitting day for addressing emotional wounds and engaging in introspective practices, and its association with the goddess opens the channel to healing, love, compassion, and empathy.

Waning moon phases: The waning moon phase is a period of decrease and release, making it ideal for letting go of negative patterns, emotions, and energies. It’s a natural time for shadow work aimed at shedding old habits and healing past wounds.

Dark moon phases: The dark moon, just before the new moon, is a time of deep introspection and inner reflection. It’s a powerful period for diving into the depths of your subconscious and addressing hidden aspects of the self.


White for purity: White symbolises purity, clarity, and protection. It can help cleanse and purify the energy around you, creating a safe space for deep shadow work.

Black for protection: Black is a protective colour that absorbs negativity and provides a sense of safety. It’s essential for creating a secure environment for confronting and healing your shadow aspects.

Orange for unblocking: Orange is a vibrant colour associated with creativity, courage, and the removal of blockages. It energises and motivates, helping to break through barriers and release stagnant energy.

Purple for healing: Purple is connected to spirituality, wisdom, and healing. It aids in emotional and psychological healing, providing a soothing and transformative energy for shadow work.

Silver for feminine energy: Silver is associated with the moon and the divine feminine. It represents intuition, emotional healing, and the nurturing, loving energy of the goddess, which is essential for gentle and compassionate shadow work.


Tarot cards are a powerful tool for self-reflection and uncovering hidden aspects of the psyche. They can provide insights, guidance, and clarity on shadow aspects and how to integrate them.

Mirrors are symbolic of self-reflection and seeing the truth. They can be used in rituals to confront and understand your shadow self, helping to reveal hidden parts of your psyche.

Candles provide light and focus for meditation and ritual work. Different colours can be used to represent various intentions, such as black for protection and purple for healing during shadow work.

Pendulums are used for divination, sure, but they’re super powerful at gaining insight into subconscious issues. They can help in decision-making and uncovering hidden truths during shadow work – essentially your shadow can speak through the pendulum if you let it.

Poppets can be used to represent yourself or aspects of your shadow self. They are effective tools for symbolic work, such as banishing negative traits or healing emotional wounds.

Journaling is a crucial practice for shadow work. It allows you to document your thoughts, emotions, and insights, helping you process and integrate your shadow aspects over time. It’s valuable in terms of reflection, release, and being able to go back and identify patterns.

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.