A Beginners Guide to Magical Infusion

Being a witch brings with it a unique power: the ability to channel energy and direct it towards specific purposes. Infusing an object with your chosen magic is a fundamental skill that allows us to imbue everyday items with specific intentions or energies. Whether you’re looking for protection, love, abundance, luck, confidence, success – the list goes on – here’s a beginner-friendly guide to infusing and charging an item with intention.

So, what exactly does it take to charge something? Let’s break it down:

Item and Intention: First, decide which item you want to infuse and what kind of energy you want to infuse it with.

Cleansing: Ensure your item is cleansed of any previous energies that might interfere with your intention.

Centering and Grounding: Centering and grounding can sharpen your focus and really help with directing the energy from your mind to your chosen item. 

Charging: Filling the item with your chosen magic, concentrating on your intention and visualising it manifesting.

Purposeful Use: Finally, use the item purposefully to keep its magic active and effective.

Shall we begin?

Start by selecting an item you want to enchant, whether it’s jewellery, a spell jar, a candle, or even a household object – anything that resonates with your intention. For instance, if you’re aiming to boost your creative writing skills, a pen or journal could be ideal.

Be specific when setting your intention. Clearly define what you want the item to represent or attract. For example, if you’re infusing a rose quartz face roller with love, specify whether you seek to attract loving energy from others or deepen your self-love. Clarity is key; know exactly what kind of energy you’re seeking and hold that vision firmly in your mind.

Now, if your item hasn’t been cleansed yet, here are some simple ways you can do it:


Smudging: Using a bundle of sage or other cleansing herbs, light it until it smokes, then pass the item through the smoke, visualising negative energies dissipating.
Bell: Ringing a bell around the item creates sound vibrations that clear stagnant energies and create a fresh, harmonious space.
Selenite: Place the item on a selenite plate or in a selenite bowl overnight to absorb and neutralise any lingering negativity.
Water: Create a cleansing water by adding sea salt, herbs like sage or rosemary, or charging water under the full moon. Sprinkle or spray this water over the item while focusing on purifying intentions.
Salt: Depending on its size, you can place the item in a small bowl of salt for a few hours or overnight, allowing the salt to absorb negative energies and purify the item.
As always, discard your salt directly into the bin – never give this back to the earth.
Visualisation: Envision a stream of pure, cleansing light flowing through the item, washing away any unwanted energies and leaving it refreshed and ready for use.

You can use these methods alone or in combination; trust your intuition to determine what cleansing method suits your item best. This step is crucial when charging or activating items, as lingering energy can limit their effectiveness. Whether it’s a new item passed through many hands before reaching you or a pre-loved object, clearing its energetic slate before infusing it with your intention is essential.

Great! So how do we charge the item?

If you haven’t already learned how to centre and ground your energy, it might help to check out our beginners guide here. The benefits of centering and grounding are that you can then direct a potent ball of controlled energy from your energy centre to your hands, and then to the item you wish to infuse. But there are many witches who don’t do these steps first – some simply focus and take that focus from their mind, sending it down their arms and into the item through their palms. Just do what feels right for you. 

Remember, sending focused energy where you want it to go may take some practice, so be patient with yourself as you learn.

Whether you’re directing energy from your core to your hands or channelling your focus down your arms, the steps ahead remain the same. You’ll begin by infusing that energy with the intention you intend to charge the item with. This requires deep focus; think carefully about what you want the item to manifest or attract. Employ techniques like colour magic, visualisations, and incantations. Place yourself in the future – when this item is working perfectly, what will you feel? How will your life look? Allow yourself to experience the emotions that your object will bring. 

As you infuse the energy with your intent, place your hands over the item – or hold the item in your hands – and envision it filling up with the precise magic you’re concentrating on. Take as much time as you need for this process. Continue to fill the object until its magical battery is fully charged.

You’ll sense the item is charged when you feel a subtle energy shift, perhaps a tingling sensation or a change in its weight. This is different for everyone. When you’re certain it’s full, you can seal the process with a simple statement such as ‘and so it is’, or ‘so mote it be’.

You’re done! This is the basic process of charging an item with magical intention, but you can spice this up in ways that feel right for you. For example, consider incorporating crystals aligned with your intention, selecting auspicious days for your work, or calling upon a goddess to bless the item. These additional elements can amplify the potency and focus of your intentions.

If you wanted to create more of a ritual for this process, here are some supportive correspondence examples for intentions of protection, success, and love:


Colour: Black

Crystals: Black obsidian, apache tears, tourmaline, tigers eye, smoky quartz (depending on your specific protection needs, consider amethyst for psychic protection or moonstone for travel protection)

Herbs: Sage, mugwort, black cohosh

Goddesses: Athena, Sekhmet, Amaterasu, Kali are excellent choices, depending on the type of protection desired


Colour: Gold

Crystals: Citrine, pyrite, sunstone, tourmaline, clear quartz

Herbs: Ginger, cinnamon, sandalwood

Goddesses: Tailor your choice based on your specific goals; consider invoking the Morrigan, Tyche, or Lakshmi for success-oriented energy.


Colour: Pink or red

Crystals: Rose quartz, rhodonite, ruby (again, think about your specific intention. For example, garnet is perfect for amping up passion while malachite heals wounds of the heart)

Herbs: Rose, apple, catnip, damiana

Goddesses: Aine, Freya, Aphrodite are powerful deities associated with love and romance.

Incorporating these can help you align your charging rituals with the energies you wish to attract, creating a more potent and focused intention for your items – and your ritual can be as big or small as you want. Follow your intuition and you’ll know what to do.

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.