5 Ways to Connect with Bast

Who is Bast?

Bast, also known as Bastet, is the Egyptian goddess of cats, protection, pleasure, and good health.

Known widely as the goddess with a cat’s head, she also holds power and supports witches in areas of the home, fertility, perfume (yes, it’s a thing), and women’s secrets. Bast is all about play and pleasure – if it feels good, do it! But she is also a powerful warder – anything bad hanging around and she can send it packing.

Wadjet-Bastet (Wikimedia image provided by Rama, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Working with Bast

When you feel like you need protection, call on Bast and she’ll be there with her claws out. You can even seek her assistance when asking for protection for a loved one.

Bast is linked to music, dance, and artistic expression. If you’re a creative, call on her for inspiration, guidance, and success in your artistic endeavours. Because of her associations with love and joy, you can also turn to Bast to bring harmony and positive energy into your relationships.

5 Ways To Connect With Bast

1. Bastet means ‘she of the ointment jar‘. She is a goddess closely linked to perfumes, so you can create an anointing oil or perfume in her name. Or simply charge up one of your faves with her energy by calling on her to bless it.

2. Leave her offerings on your altar such as onyx, jet, catnip, cannabis, milk, or beer.

3. If you already have cats, get them a treat as a way of showing her you honour her totem. If you don’t, you could visit your local shelter or donate to a charity that helps cats.

4. Dance. Move your body in a way that feels right to you, and enjoy being in the moment when you do it. Bast is all about joy, celebration, and feeling good. Celebrate your body!

5. Do you ever look at a cat as it lazily soaks up the sun and think ‘damn that’s the life!‘? Well, now it’s your turn! Safely soak up some sun rays and lend your thoughts to the power of Bast, thinking of ways to incorporate her attributes and energy into the rest of your day.