5 Minute Air Magic

If you’re not quite sure how to highlight the element of air in your ritual here’s some easy inspo!

1. To start, take a few moments to clear and focus your mind. Take a few deep breaths and let the air fill your lungs. Once you feel relaxed and focused, light some incense and ask the air element to be present. You can also ring a bell or chime instead, if incense isn’t your thing.

2. Take a few moments to meditate and reflect on what you want to gain from this ritual. Ask the element to provide you with insight and clarity. Visualise this air element entering your body, oxygenating your blood, and your mind becoming clear and focused.

3. If you have a spell, speak clearly and confidently, and allow the air element to lend you its power and carry your message. Speaking out loud is generally best with any spell work, but especially when working with air.

4. Once you have completed your spell, thank the air element for its assistance and close your ritual by extinguishing the incense, or ringing the bell or chime one last time.