Witchy DIY Home Decor

So, you’ve felt the enchanting pull of witchcraft and you’re ready to bring a touch of magic into your everyday life. What better way to do that than through DIY witchy home decor? It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about infusing your living space with your intentions and creating a haven that resonates with your inner witch.

There’s something inherently magical about crafting your own witchy home decor. It’s a creative journey where you become the creatrix, weaving your intentions into every piece. Plus, it’s incredibly satisfying to surround yourself with items you’ve made with your own hands. So, let’s dive into the basics of witchy DIY home decor.

First things first, let’s talk tools and materials. You won’t need a cauldron or a broomstick for these projects, but having the right supplies is essential. Think about gathering crystal chips, dried flowers, crafting materials like ropes, paints, glues and strings. For these particular projects you can buy pre-made, plain wreaths, and some metal hoops from craft stores but the great part about DIY is getting creative! Read on and decide for yourself what you can use around the house and what you’ll need to buy. The more you infuse your creations with purpose and passion, the more potent their energy becomes.

Witchy Wreaths

They’re not just beautiful; they’re also full of magical potential. You can infuse them with intentions and use elements like herbs, crystals, and symbols to invoke specific energies. To craft your own witchy wreath, start with a sturdy wreath base, add dried herbs, and arrange crystals or charms as you see fit. Hang it on your door to protect your space or inside to welcome desired energies. You can make one to invoke joy, attract prosperity, or protect your home! The possibilities are endless here.

For example, if you wanted to create a wreath that attracted prosperity, you might use colours of gold or green. You could incorporate cinnamon sticks to attract, maybe some green aventurine or citrine crystals, and some dried chrysanthemums or nettle. You could even make the wreath base yourself out of dried foliage!

Fairy Gardens

Gardening isn’t just about growing plants; it’s a path to grounding, mindfulness, and connecting with the earth’s energy. Enter the world of fairy gardens, tiny enchanted spaces that transport you to realms of magic. Create your own by selecting a container, filling it with soil, and adding miniature figurines, tiny crystals, and enchanting plants. You can even plant some usable herbs in there, consider lavender, sage, and rosemary to add a touch of witchiness to your garden.

You can even use broken pots to make it feel more whimsical. Let the dirt trail out the cracks and make some steps for the fae out of little pebbles. These gardens can be as big or small, as simple or elaborate as you wish. As long as you make it with intention, the fae will love it.

Macrame & Knot Magic

Did you know that witchy macramé shares similarities with knot magic? Knot magic is the practice of tying knots with intention to manifest desires. When you create macramé pieces, you’re essentially crafting intricate knots, weaving your intentions into every twist and turn. So whether you grab a DIY kit from Kmart, or find an awesome branch and use some rope you have around the house, tie your intention into each knot, taking an extra moment to transfer your energy into it.

And voila, you’ve transported an ancient art into the modern world!


Witches have a deep appreciation for nature and often seek to reduce waste through upcycling. Get creative by repurposing old items into new, mystical creations. Turn vintage bottles into spell jars, transform worn-out furniture into altar tables, or breathe new life into discarded mirrors with intricate designs. Every upcycled piece adds a touch of magic to your home while honoring the planet.

So doing this can be a journey of creativity and self-discovery. With a bit of intention and some crafting materials, you can infuse your living space with magic, create a haven of positive energy, and connect with the mystical forces that surround you.