Threshold Protection Spells

Threshold spells are a form of apotropaic (protective) magic that safeguards the home, specifically the entry points. It aims to create a barrier or ward at the thresholds of a place, and is often used to prevent negative energies or unwanted influences from crossing the threshold into the home. It also helps to maintain the sacred energy of your space by creating boundaries between it and the outside world.

Thresholds, such as doorways and windows, are seen as entry points for energies, entities, and influences. We aim to protect these openings to prevent negative or harmful energy from entering our homes. Spirits, energies – however you perceive them to be, both benevolent and malevolent – can cross thresholds, so protective measures are taken to ward off any unwanted spirits and ensure only positive energies are allowed in.

Many of us consider our homes or sacred spaces as places of magical work, worship, and spiritual growth. By protecting the threshold, we establish symbolic and energetic boundaries. It serves as a reminder that our home is a separate and protected space, distinct from the outside world. And it can be quite easy to do, so we have a few simple ways you can get started with threshold protection:

Black Witch’s Salt on Thresholds

Black witch’s salt is a personal and powerful protective substance in witchcraft. By sprinkling it on your thresholds, you create a barrier that repels negative energies and entities. The salt absorbs and neutralises harmful vibrations, making it an effective defense against unwanted influences trying to enter your home.

As you sprinkle it, say:

“By my salt, I seal this space, protected now, in every place. No harm may cross this boundary, as I will it, so mote it be.”

Front Door Herbal Bath

Infuse some water with protective herbs and use it to wash your front door. Rosemary, sage, bay leaves, and St John’s wort are good for this – they have long been associated with protection and purification. By infusing water (bonus points for moon water) with these herbs and using it to wash your front door, you cleanse and purify the entry point of your home. This ritualistic act not only energetically cleans the door but infuses it with the protective properties of the herbs. It sets the intention of safeguarding your home from negativity and harm.

Power Sigil at Entry Points

Draw your power sigil at your doors and windows with your wand, finger, or incense. Your power sigil is a personal and powerful symbol that represents your power and energies. By drawing it at your front door with your wand, finger, or incense, you establish your authority and control over the energies within your home. This symbol acts as a potent protective ward, preventing unwanted influences from crossing the threshold. It reinforces that you are the primary guardian of your living space.

White Candle by the Front Door

Keep a large white candle by your door and light it when you’re expecting company. White candles symbolise purity, clarity, and positive energy. It radiates a welcoming and harmonious energy, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, while it also as a protective beacon, creating a barrier at your threshold and that keeps bad vibes outside.

When you light the candle, say:

“In candle’s light and home’s embrace, a shield of safety, in this space.”

Protection Sigil at Front Door

Creating a protection sigil and sketching in chalk it under your doormat or on paper tucked away discreetly within the door is a subtle yet effective method of warding off negative energies. The act of drawing the sigil and placing it in a hidden spot adds to the silent power of the protection. It acts as a hidden guardian, secretly working to keep your home safe.

Herbs over Thresholds

Bundles of protective herbs, such as rosemary, sage, basil or any herbs with protective properties, can be hung over windows and doors as a physical and magical barrier. Herbs are renowned for their purifying and warding qualities, and by suspending them over entry points, you create a protective shield that guards against negative energies and unwanted influences. The herbs also release their fragrant scents, which can help create a calming and sacred atmosphere within your living space. This practice combines the symbolism of herbs with the physical presence of a protective barrier to keep your sacred space, well, sacred.

Threshold Salt & Candle Spell

What you’ll need:

  • A small bowl of salt
  • A black wish candle (short burn time)
  • A white wish candle (short burn time)

The spell:

Begin by cleansing your space. You can do this by smudging with sage, incense, or using any other cleansing method you prefer (sweeping works, too!).

In front of your main entrance, lay out your items. Light the black candle on the right side and the white candle on the left side. Then place the small bowl of salt in the center, and say:

“With these candles and this salt, I create a shield, a protective vault. Guard this threshold, keep all harm at bay. As I will it, so it shall stay.”

Visualise a white, protective light coming from within the flames and surrounding your home or space, sealing it off from negative energies and harm.

Sprinkle a small pinch of salt across the entrance and pick up the bowl, walking around your house doing the same to all of your thresholds. As you do so, reinforce the white protective light visual to stretch over the whole home.

Allow the candles to burn out on their own. You’re done!

You can do this once a year or every couple of months, you’ll know when the power is waning enough to repeat the spell.

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.