The Mystery of the Moon

The moon is a mysterious, ever-changing source of energy that represents the divine feminine, our intuition and emotions, the phases of the season, and the flowing of the tides. In an astrological sense, the moon is a symbol of our subconsciousness and how we feel.

How do I know I need to connect with the Moon?

The Moon is all about how we feel, so any time you feel the need to work with your emotions is a good time to call in the Moon’s nurturing energy. It also represents the natural cycles of life, so whenever you’re faced with aspects of rebirth or death, or even when you want to better understand your menstrual cycle, the Moon’s energy can shed some light on the matter. 

Here are five ways you can connect with the Moon:

  1. Work with her phases: Start by finding the phase she is currently in, what does it represent? How does that fit in with your life right now? Are there any particular areas of your life that are currently in sync with the moon’s cycle?
  2. Moon Mapping! In your yearly planner, you can write down when the full moon (or all of her phases!) will occur each month. This can help you plan your year better and use the Moon’s energy to charge certain special occasions. 
  3. Make Moon water: fill up a few bottles or containers with water and place them under the light of the full moon. You could cleanse the containers, before filling them, with incense smoke or a quick visualisation. 
  4. Create a Moon Altar: Set up an altar with items that represent the Moon and its energy such as a silver candle, a bowl of water or a crystal. Spend time connecting with this altar each night or on the night of a Full Moon.
  5. Moonstone. Meditating on, or simply carrying, a piece of moonstone will always keep you connected to the lunar flow of energy.