The Art of Wildcrafting

Plucking fresh herbs and flowers from the earth to use in witchcraft does something to the inner child. It awakens her, pleases her – like a muscle memory that says ‘this is how we do this!’

Wildcrafting (gathering herbs from their untamed habitats) isn’t just a financial hack. It’s a spiritual connection with the wild. These herbs hold a raw energy that can really empower your craft, and the interaction between you and the land is a celebration of nature. So when you eliminate the middleman – yeah, you eliminate the cost, but – you really strengthen the connection between yourself, nature, and your craft. 

Wildcrafting is more than foraging; it’s a sacred contract between you and the Earth. Ethical wildcrafting is about treading gently upon the land, making sure you take only what you need and leave the rest to flourish. Taking more than you need disrupts ecosystems and threatens the very sources of your magic. As a woman of the wild, you practise reciprocity – giving back to nature through gratitude, mindful harvesting, and nurturing the habitats that gift you with their bounty.

Before you start your wildcrafting adventure, arm yourself with some basic knowledge. Check your resources, from local council websites to field guides, apps, and wise elders of the craft. Accurate identification is important, so get to know your herbs. What thrives in your local ecosystem? 

Here in Australia, you might encounter the earthy aroma of Eucalyptus or the allure of Lemon Myrtle. There are even weeds that have magickal ties to energies and goddesses so have a look around! For now, here are some common herbs found in Australia and their magickal properties:


Wattle represents renewal, growth, and adaptability. It’s also used in spells for manifesting goals, embracing transitions, and connecting with your inner wisdom.

For this writer, the smell of wattle brings feelings of happiness and memories of childhood – it warms my heart! When the aroma of wattle hangs in the air around Imbolc, it makes me feel hopeful and excited for the rest of the year. Wattle is linked to transformation and embracing change. In witchcraft, wattle is used to bring about new beginnings, inspire creativity, and attract success.

Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw is used to overcome obstacles, boost self-assurance, and attract opportunities. It’s also used in spells for goal achievement, motivation, and enhancing personal power.

First of all, how cute are these flowers? This unique and vibrant plant symbolises enthusiasm, courage, and forward movement. Kangaroo paw’s striking appearance makes it a powerful ingredient in spells related to confidence, motivation, and success.


Eucalyptus leaves carry invigorating properties linked to purification and healing. It’s often used in rituals to clear negative influences and enhance communication with the spirit realm.

This is not only a quintessential Australian plant but also a potent magickal herb. Eucalyptus is used in spells to cleanse energy, promote vitality, and help with spiritual growth. You can simply grab a bunch of fallen leaves or small branches and hang them in your shower for an all-natural steamer! It’s refreshing and leaves you ready for growth and transformation.

Wildcrafting not only connects you with the natural world but also enriches your magickal practice with raw energy. Through careful identification and responsible harvesting, you can harness the spiritual essence of herbs and infuse your spells with their unique properties. 

As you weave pieces of the wild into your craft, you embrace a profound sense of reciprocity and gratitude, ensuring that the magic you receive from nature is nurtured in return.

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.