Spotlight on: Sekhmet The Powerful One

There are few deities who command as much awe and reverence as the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. Her power and presence resonate through the sands of time – embodying rightful rage, untapped power, strength, protection, and healing.

Sekhmet is the Egyptian goddess of the blazing sun, chaos, war, and healing. She is the personification of pure and powerful rage, and her name translates to ‘The Powerful One”. While other sun deities tend to be associated with the life-giving power of the sun, Sekhmet encompasses the intense, destroying heat it is capable of. She stands as a testament to the enduring power of the divine feminine, a force that transcends epochs and cultures. As we peel back her layers, we uncover not just a deity, but a symbol of resilience, courage, the wilderness and transformation. 

It’s hard to research and read about Sekhmet, without also falling into tales of Hathor, Bastet, and even Tefnut. The way the Egyptian stories are weaved, these goddesses have a way of rolling into each other, sometimes with similarities and sometimes with a straight up transformation from one to another. 

This is evident in a powerful origin story called The Heavenly Cow.

Unhappy with the lack of worship from the human race, Ra sends Hathor to punish them. Hathor begins her rampage of violence, and becomes so consumed by anger that she taps into her primal and pure rage – causing her to become someone else entirely. 

She becomes Sekhmet: born of pure anger and tasked to devour the enemies of Ra. She becomes unstoppable, bloodthirsty, and Ra begins to fear she will wipe out all of mankind if he doesn’t stop her. Ra decides to flood the plains with red-stained beer in hopes of tricking the goddess. Mistaking the beer for blood, Sekhmet drinks until she is so intoxicated that she cannot kill. She eventually returns to her original form, Hathor. 

While Ra had initially ordered the humans to be punished, seeing what he inflicted upon them created sympathy and ultimately restored the relationship between himself and his followers.

Cool story – but how has she become a modern goddess of healing?

Well, Sekhmet has become a goddess of contradiction. While she can inflict pain, she can also take it away, and it’s her healing aspects that gained popularity among worshippers. Sekhmet needs to be kept happy with offerings, and if you develop a relationship with her, she is a fierce protector – like a lioness and her cubs.

Her journey from goddess of fury to goddess of compassion serves as a timeless reminder of the power of transformation and the potential for healing that resides within us all. In her story, we find echoes of our own struggles and triumphs. 

But we can’t forget what brought her into being. 

We can’t forget that Sekhmet, first and foremost, is the embodiment of the killing sun and feminine rage. Nature has a balance, and Sekhmet’s violence comes as a protective aspect of that. She didn’t almost consume the world out of misplaced anger – she did it out of necessity and survival. As humans, whether we mean to or not, we put this balance in danger (and this is what makes her the perfect goddess to worship and call on when you’re dealing with the destruction of natural resources and harm to animals… she will come through in full force).

To worship Sekhmet, you must worship her as a whole. Don’t discredit her rage and favour her healing. She is our everlasting reminder that feminine rage burns bright for a reason.

Powers & Attributes

Lioness and Huntress: Sekhmet’s essence is intertwined with the regal prowess of the lioness, a symbol of power, courage, and ferocity. In ancient Egyptian iconography, she is often depicted with the head of a lioness, her gaze piercing through the veil of time. This symbolism speaks to Sekhmet’s fierce protectiveness and unwavering strength, making her a formidable ally for those who seek her guidance.

War and Protection: As a warrior goddess, Sekhmet stands as a sentinel of protection, especially revered by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Her prowess in battle is legendary, with tales of her mighty roar striking fear into the hearts of adversaries. Those who invoke Sekhmet’s warrior spirit find themselves fortified with courage and resilience, ready to face any challenges that come their way.

Healing and Medicine: Beyond her martial prowess, Sekhmet holds a sacred domain in the realm of healing and medicine. She is a patroness of herbal remedies and healing arts, her touch bringing solace and restoration to the weary and wounded. Sekhmet’s connection to healing speaks to the duality of her nature, balancing strength with compassion, and offering a holistic approach to well-being.

Fire and Solar Energies: Central to Sekhmet’s essence is her association with fire and the radiant energies of the sun. Like the sun’s fiery embrace, Sekhmet’s presence ignites passion and vitality within those who seek her blessings. Her solar energies symbolise balance, renewal, enlightenment, and the transformative power of inner fire, inspiring seekers to embrace their own radiant potential.

Connecting with The Powerful One

Sekhmet’s energy shines brightest in moments of challenge and transformation. Call upon her when you need courage to face adversity, clarity to navigate uncertainties, and strength to stand firm in your convictions. Whether it’s a personal trial or a quest for empowerment, Sekhmet’s presence empowers you to embrace your inner lioness and roar with unwavering resolve. She’s also perfect for ridding your life of unwanted energies.

She’ll often manifest as a lioness, so you’ll know she’s with you when she appears in meditation, dreams, or trancework, or when you keep seeing lioness images throughout your day.

You can tap into Sekhmet’s energy to ignite your inner fire and embrace your inherent strength. Visualise yourself enveloped in her golden light, feeling the surge of courage and determination coursing through your veins. Channel Sekhmet’s warrior spirit in moments of self-doubt or when you need to assert boundaries with unwavering resolve. She is the embodiment of resilience, empowering you to roar with confidence.

Her healing energies extend beyond the physical realm, offering solace and renewal on emotional and spiritual levels. In times of emotional turmoil or spiritual stagnation, invoke Sekhmet’s presence to cleanse and rejuvenate your energy. Allow her transformative power to heal past wounds, nurture self-love, and shield you with her protective embrace.

Offerings for Sekhmet

Offerings: red wine, beer with pomegranate juice, Bloody Mary cocktail or a simple glass of tomato juice (any red drinks really, but she loves alcohol!), fresh meat, tuna, bread, dates, figs, aromatic herbs like frankincense and myrrh, catnip, dragon’s blood incense, arrow heads, silver, medical tools, poems, and art.
Altar items: statue or image of Sekhmet, red, yellow, and orange candles, symbols and representations of lions, the sun, and cobras, elemental correspondences to fire, bloodstone, carnelian, and Tiger’s Eye, red linen, an offering bowl, and a small bowl of water.

Embrace the radiant energies of Sekhmet as you embark on a journey of empowerment, healing, and transformation. With her by your side, you embody the essence of the lioness – fierce, resilient, and untamed. Let Sekhmet’s wisdom guide you as you navigate life’s challenges and embrace your divine purpose.

Sekhmet encourages us to express our rightful rage, to take up space and be fierce in what we love.

Be fierce in what you love.