Sacred Stonehenge

Standing tall and mysterious in the English countryside is a timeless and prehistoric monument we all know as Stonehenge. This sacred site has captivated people for centuries, holding a wealth of history, mystery, and magical energy.

Composed of massive standing stones known as megaliths, Stonehenge is arranged in a circular formation, and is one of the world’s oldest structures. When we say old, we mean it – it’s so old no one actually knows how it got there. Let alone how people from that long ago were able to arrange it the way they did… or why.

One famous tale answering the how and why of Stonehenge involves none other than the great wizard Merlin. They say he magically transported the stones from Mount Killaraus in Ireland to create a sacred and final resting place for noblemen killed in battle. 

This theory intertwines the magical and spiritual binds of Celtic mythology with the physical presence of Stonehenge, blending history with legend. It sees Stonehenge not only as a mysterious archaeological site but also as a symbol of honour, reverence, and the connection between the earthly realm and the mystical world.

Some believe it was created as a place of healing. The stones are known to emit energy, and perhaps people came from far and wide to sit within to be rejuvenated and relieved of whatever they were suffering from. Others say it was a place of worship – a natural and magical portal to the spirit realm used by pagans and Druids for rituals.

Something that can’t be denied is the celestial placement of the stones. They are carefully lined up with the sun’s movements that Stonehenge acts as a giant calendar; a guide to the Winter and Summer Solstices. But this wasn’t just to tell the time of year – Stonehenge was most likely used as a reminder to honour the dead and worship solar deities at the right time. 

The relation of Stonehenge to the cycles of nature and spiritual connection speak loudly of Druidic importance. It’s why many Druids gather there during the Summer Solstice to perform dawn rituals together. For a while, because of the clear connection, it was believed Stonehenge was actually built by the Druids. This theory has been disproven with radiocarbon dating – but since when do we know everything?

We used to think there was no way sailors from the Bronze Age had crossed Atlantic waters – until we found a Bronze Age anchor in them. In recent years we’ve discovered advanced civilizations dating as far back as the Ice Age regardless of years of history teaching us that wasn’t possible. 

So, did the Druids exist when it was built? We don’t know – and there is so much we don’t know. Before we go on, if you’re interested in alternate theories, check out this short YouTube video where Dolores Cannon speaks of her past life session where it was revealed to her that Stonehenge was built by Atlanteans! 

The Stones of Stonehenge

Stonehenge has over 160 stones, and a few have dedicated names such as:

The Altar Stone: In the centre of the circle is the Altar Stone, perfect for using as (you guessed it!) an altar.

The Heel Stone: Standing just outside the main circle is the Heel Stone. This stone is situated exactly where the sun rises on the Summer Solstice.

The Slaughter Stone: Halfway between the main circle and the Heel Stone lies the Slaughter Stone. It was given this name because when it gets wet, it looks red – leading to the belief this was where ritualistic sacrifices were made.

The Station Stones: The Station Stones stood around the main circle, marking out a sort of rectangle. Of these four stones, only two remain.

Energy of the Stones

There are many accounts of people affected by the energy radiating from Stonehenge. Some say they feel peace and as if they have ‘come home’, while others report feeling immediate discomfort. This could be from the magical properties of the types of stones used in Stonehenge, the widely held belief that this is some sort of portal, or the simple act of walking in the same steps as those who have come before us for thousands of years. Whatever the reason, whatever our energy connects to is potent.

If you stand before the marvel that is Stonehenge, you’re not just witnessing history; you’re stepping into a realm of endless wonder and possibility. The mysteries surrounding its origin and purpose invite us to ponder the depths of human ingenuity and spiritual connection. Whether you’re drawn to its celestial alignment, its ties to Merlin and Druidic rituals, or simply the enigmatic energy it exudes, Stonehenge beckons you to explore, to question, and to experience firsthand the magic that has captivated hearts for centuries.


Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.