Sacred Sands

The earth is abundant with sand, found in deserts and on the edges of the earth. This humble substance has woven its way into the heart of human connection for ages, serving as a powerful link to our homelands and beyond. From ancient rituals to modern practices, sand is more magical than you might think.

For a long time, sand has been used in connecting people to their roots. Sometimes it was thrown into the graves of those who died away from home, symbolising a bond that transcended death. And sailors, venturing into the unknown, carried vials of sand to keep them connected to their homeland and keep them from getting lost in the disorienting grasp of the open sea. 

Practitioners of magic have always used sand to mark the boundaries of protective barriers – you can even do this around your home for protection or mark your circle in sand when doing a ritual. Sand has even been used when peering into the secrets of the future, simply by tossing it onto the ground and divining the shapes and markings it creates. 

So, how can you incorporate the use of sand in modern witchcraft? For one thing, it’s really grounding. You know the feeling of wriggling your toes in the sand, connecting you to Mother Earth – this is a simple but wonderful act of connection. You can also keep a small bowl on your altar to honour any sea deities you’re working with. In this sense it becomes a portal, connecting you to the ocean when you’re miles away in the confines of your home. 

However you use it, the key to being an empowered witch is to make your craft your own – so don’t hesitate to explore new ways to use sand in your rituals and spellwork. You may uncover a truly magical treasure!