Mistress of the Moon

Since coming out of the broom closet, one of the most common questions my friends ask me is “what are you doing on the full moon?”

This is most likely because (among the normal folk) it’s the most well-known moment of energetical shifting. They notice it, we notice it… ask anyone who works in the emergency medical field and they will tell you that a full moon certainly heralds a wild night in the ER. 

It’s probably also because they expect me to say something fun like ‘getting naked and dancing in my backyard’, or ‘contacting the dead’… okay this one I did to recently on the February Full Moon – but I digress! The point is, there’s no denying that regardless of how accessible Full Moon energy is, witches have a direct relationship with the moon and its powers. We have always gone hand in hand with Mistress Moon. 

This is because we run our lives by her cycle and her phases provide insight into our own transformations. Often our first witchy experiences are under a full moon, whether it is creating moon water or working our first spell or ritual. 

But the Full Moon has a specific and significant energy, as do all of her other phases. This one is all about gratuity, forgiveness, release, and results. 

One of my personal favourite things to do on a full moon is write some lists. Boring, right? But it’s such a simple form of witchcraft! The Full Moon is great for lists of things you’re grateful for, a list of things you need to forgive, or a list of things you’re willing to release. You can even have a small fire going to burn your lists in, releasing them to the universe.

It’s also a time of manifestation, when our wishes are likely to come true – in the way that the universe knows you need. This is why it’s referred to as a time of results, because it’s when we see the fruits of our labour. 

In conclusion, the Full Moon is a powerful and accessible moment for witches and non-witches alike to connect with the energy of the universe. While it may be tempting to think that you need to perform an elaborate ritual to harness its power, the truth is that even just standing under its light and taking in its beauty can be a transformative experience. From moon water to talismans, there are many simple and low-energy spells that can help you connect with the Full Moon’s energy. 

And if all else fails, simply writing a list of things you’re grateful for or things you want to release can be a powerful act of manifestation. So, the next time someone asks you what you’re doing on the Full Moon, don’t be afraid to share your simple and meaningful practices. The power of the Full Moon is available to all who are willing to connect with it.

Jenna is a pagan and lifelong student of history. She's the potion expert at High Priestess, and also designs tarot decks, oracle decks, and powerful ritual oils.