Green Witch Gardening Tips

Gardens are a sacred space where you can commune with the spirits of the earth, plants, and the elements.

The green witch knows that every plant, every moon phase, and every whisper of wind carries a bit of enchantment. Whether you’re an experienced green thumb or just starting to explore the magic of gardening, these witchy tips will help you cultivate a thriving, harmonious, and mystical garden.

Moon Phases and Planting Tips

New Moon: This is the perfect time to plant leafy greens and herbs that grow above ground. The energy of new beginnings will help your plants thrive.

Waxing Moon: Plant vegetables and flowers that produce fruits and seeds. This phase is about growth and expansion.

Full Moon: A time for harvesting. The plants are at their peak potency, perfect for gathering herbs for your magical workings.

Waning Moon: Focus on pruning and weeding. This is a time for releasing and letting go, removing anything that no longer serves your garden.

But the moon can help you garden in more ways than one. If you have a plant that is struggling a bit, water it with moon water to give it some extra nurture. You can read a bit more about gardening with the moon here. (Link to moon gardening).

Talk to Your Seeds and Plants

Before planting, hold your seeds in your hands and infuse them with your intentions. Whisper your desires for growth, abundance, and health – anything you’d like really! Visualise them flourishing under your care as you whisper to them.

When your plants have rooted and are reaching for the sky, give them words of encouragement. They love the breath on their leaves and it can be quite therapeutic for you to connect this way. 

Elemental Balancing 

Ensure your garden has a harmonious balance of all four elements – earth (rich, fertile soil), water (regular, mindful watering), air (good airflow around your plants), and fire (plenty of sunlight or, if you’re indoors, grow lights).

Extra witch tip: your grow light can double as house lighting if you’re strategic about it! 

Herbal Allies

When choosing what to grow, consider plants that can be dried and made into smudging bundles, or choose herbs that have both culinary and magical uses. Some of our favourites to whip up some kitchen magic include:

Basil: For protection and love.

Rosemary: For purification and memory.

Lavender: For peace and relaxation.

Mint: For prosperity and healing.

Any herb you grow yourself is going to have much more power in your witchcraft than anything store bought (although there is nothing wrong with store bought!). 

Plant Companions

Companion planting is a wonderful way to enhance the health and productivity of your garden. For example, marigolds repel pests and attract beneficial insects, and they bring positivity and protection. Planting them around your garden creates a protective barrier and enhances the vibrancy of the space. 

You can also pair plants together for maximum magic! 

Basil and tomatoes: Together, basil and tomatoes can be used in love spells and for prosperity. Basil adds protective energy while tomatoes bring abundance. Planting these two side by side will also improve the flavour of your tomatoes and repel flies and mosquitos.

Rosemary and cabbage: Rosemary is known for purification and protection, while cabbage can be used in healing and prosperity spells. Their combined energy can create a protective and healing space in your garden. Rosemary also deters cabbage moths and other pests from damaging cabbage plants.

Nasturtiums and beans: Nasturtiums are associated with courage and strength, while beans symbolise growth and abundance. Together, they support personal growth and resilience. Nasturtiums repel aphids and other insects that can damage beans. They also attract beneficial insects like ladybugs.

On this, treat your planting like a spell. When you create a spell it’s important to be specific with your intention – even adding ingredients to a spell becomes more powerful when you state what each one is for – so when you plant something for a purpose, say so! Then watch the magic thrive.

Dirty Magic

Make your own magical fertilisers by infusing water with crystals or moonlight. Add herbs like comfrey or nettle for an extra boost of nutrients and magic. You could even crush up some eggshells (which have the same protective properties as salt, just more earth-friendly) and add them to help with drainage. 

Garden Guardians

Invite the fae and nature spirits to watch over your garden. Create small spaces for them, such as tiny houses or hidden nooks, and leave offerings like milk, honey, or shiny trinkets. You can also add small mirrors to your garden to call in the protective and nurturing power of the moon, and let its beams reach all of your plants.

Mindful Gardening

Treat your gardening time as a form of meditation (because it is!). Be present with your plants, listen to their needs, and connect with the energy of the earth beneath your feet. Sometimes all you need is to wiggle your toes in the grass or the dirt to bring some clarity to a foggy mind. 

Gardening with a touch of magic transforms your space into a sanctuary of growth, healing, and enchantment. By aligning your practices with the moon’s phases, speaking intentions into your seeds, and balancing the elements, you’re not just growing plants… you’re nurturing a living, breathing spell. So, roll up your sleeves, dig your hands into the earth, and let your garden become a canvas for your magical intentions.

Jenna is a pagan and lifelong student of history. She's the potion expert at High Priestess, and also designs tarot decks, oracle decks, and powerful ritual oils.