From Crystals to Coins: Divination Tools

So, you’ve heard all about tarot cards and their mystical allure. But did you know that the world of divination is vast and brimming with lesser-known gems? We’re diving into the realms of crystal balls, pendulums, and even ordinary coins turned divination tools. Buckle up for a mystical journey beyond the tarot deck.

Crystal Ball Basics

If you’ve ever envisioned a fortune teller’s lair, you probably conjured up an image of a crystal ball. These captivating orbs have a rich history in divination, tracing back to ancient civilizations. Picture a sphere of quartz, amethyst, or even just glass, each with its unique energy. 

When reading with your crystal ball, make sure you do so in a sacred space. As you gaze into it, trust your intuition and initial feelings that surface. Let the symbols, images, and patterns flow.

Consecration and Connection

To consecrate your crystal ball, you can use this simple method, all you need is a bit of moon water. 

Sprinkle the moon water over your crystal ball and say:

“Moon’s embrace, grant your grace. Crystal bright, guide my sight.

Pendulum Basics

Pendulums are a divination powerhouse. They can be made of anything as long as it involves a weight on a chain or string. Most pendulums these days are made of chains and crystals, each crystal with a unique energy that can flavour the pendulum’s powers. 

You can use a pendulum anywhere, as long as you’re able to centre and ground yourself. Remember to ask clear, close ended questions. 

Consecration and Connection

Want to quickly supercharge your pendulum? Hold it gently and close your eyes. Visualise a radiant thread connecting it to your third eye. Feel the energy flowing, a bridge to the cosmic realm. It’s as simple as that.

Coin Divination

We’ve all done this one – flip a coin and one side means yes, the other means no. While this is often called a game of chance, you can actually bless a coin to perform divination. 

Not only are coins more accessible that crystal balls, pendulums, or tarot decks, but they’re simple to use. Simply flip or throw it in the air, let it spin and land. 

Consecration and Connection

This couldn’t be easier – give your coin a quick cleansing under the tap (or in moon water if you have it), then say,

“Coin of fate, don’t hesitate. Answers clear, anticipate. With my breath, I bless your fate. Divination, activate.”

Then blow your intentions onto the coin. 

Remember, don’t use your blessed coin for anything other than divination purposes – not even money spells! It has a new gig now.

Whether you’re scrying, swinging, or flipping, remember that the magic lies within you. Trust your intuition, and may the cosmic forces always be in your favor!